What Herald Readers Have To Say About College Students And Their Moving Day Trash: A Round-Up


Tampa rap artist Celph-Titled likes “the smell of napalm in the morning when he’s eating his Apple Jacks.” That sounds a bit harsh for me, but I do enjoy my two scoops with a heavy helping of the Boston Herald comment boards. I read the paper on my commute in, and by the time I get to work I have a good idea which articles might summon the vitriol I like to mix in with my morning coffee. The hot topic du jour: those snotty college kids who leave trash all over Boston streets on moving day. Here are today's winning comments from the Herald web site:  

Blame it on DiMasi…
They are just praticing for thier future roles as our Leaders. They are all ready trashing the city, isn't that what most politicans do?

Yankees Suck!!!
This is what happens when you allow New Yorkers into the community.

It’s Obama’s fault…
Anything that you spoil will eventually go rotten..need I say more. Obama should please come and give a lecture to the kids and a few beer will make it all better......someone will pick up the cans for the deposit..hey a solution

I don’t work for Flaherty. I swear…
Local 718 RULES! Do you realize these brave, loyal, professional, heroic jakes (yes, I said HEROIC) have been in a 3 year pay freeze?! Vote Mikey Flaherty in over Mumbles Menino. PLEASE, PEOPLE!

I shall defend George Bush even when unprovoked…
I just hope Bush does'nt get his hands on the hurricane machine again!!

Prison is the new college…
there is nothing more arrogant, ignorant, self centered and obnoxious than a college student, and worse, the recent college grad know it all. I know, I have two masters degree's and whilst a college idiot and an arrogant grad, it was necessary for the cops to give me a few wacks on occasion. I think I learned more from those wacks than I did as an undergrad!!

Obama is a heat monger. I have proof…
I wonder how many of these entitled jerks walk around with \"Go Green\" signs and t-shirts. Just like Obama, who says that we can no longer keep our thermostats set at 72 all winter, but keeps the heat cranking in the White House. Just a bunch of bleeping hypocrites.

Apparently someone has a problem with the Mass Art kids…
collage kids dont own this town.they just think they do!!!!! also most collage kids are not to smart. i have seen lot of these slobs go to a ATM at a bank,and leave there bank card still inside the atm.

Dang socialists…
A govt. sponsored "Cash for Crap" Program would take care of all this.

Ghostwritten by Sarah Palin…
To my fellow grumpy older people(you know who you are because you can read and write). Young and stupid goes hand in hand with being a slob. Most of these yoots will outgrow this and mature into someone worthy and productive(like us !). The rest will become lawyers or community activists.

At least someone has a sense of humor…
I saw a homeless guy eating a broken radio today @ Columbus and Tremont.

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