Boston Locking Up More People For Graffiti


Since the Boston Police Department arrested renowned street artist Shepard Fairey at his ICA opening this past February, the public has been more aware than ever of the perils faced by Boston graf writers. Not everyone is sympathetic, but at least they know that certain BPD detectives have hard-ons for Krylon vandals.

Of course Phoenix readers already knew that, as three months earlier we published "Graffiti Wars" - an extensive account of the state of graf in Mass. In the feature, we profiled both the police who are determined to hunt down artists (and who, in one case, who later led the charge to arrest Fairey), as well as some of the offenders who are facing jail time.

One of those then-suspects - New York native Danielle Bremner (better known as "Utah") was at the time facing charges in New York, Boston, and a number of other cities both domestic and international. Since then she has served most of a six month sentence at the lovely Rikers Island, and, according to a report in yesterday's Boston Globe, this week she'll be sentenced to another half-a-year at the South Bay House of Correction. Bremner might have been famous before all this, but her adversaries sure are doing a fantastic job of accelerating her celebrity. 

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