Florida, not only bestiality-friendly state in nation


The most disturbing bit of information from this blog post should not be that Florida struck down a law banning bestiality in its state (though I'm beginning to wonder if Jeb has a sheep farm somewhere). The most disturbing piece of info should actually be that Florida is one of 17 states where bestiality is actually, technically, still legal. And three other states have recently (read, in the last couple years) struck down laws banning bestiality, citing the laws as "unconstitutional," according to Say what?

Apparently, the only true Federal law against bestiality is for military personnel: “[a]ny person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with . . . an animal is guilty of sodomy.”  (10 U.S.C.A. § 925, 10 USCA § 925), according to So it's up to the states for the civilian world. 

What's the most depressing bit about these stats? Over twice as many states allow people to get sexy sexy time with their pets than states that allow gay people to marry. Because gay marriage would be totally immoral, right? Doesn't that say something entirely fucked up about this country? 

According to my research the following states still allow zoophiliacs to go nuts in their borders:

Alaska -- could be the cold, could be that the majority of women similate Sarah Palin, who knows?!
Arkansas -- (one of the states that repelled their bestiality laws)

Hawaii -- really though, do fish count?
Montana -- (another one of those states that repelled their laws)
Nevada -- What happens in Vegas....
New Hampshire
New Jersey -- Does Snooki count?
New Mexico
North Carolina -- (the last state that repelled its laws)
Texas -- Another Bush-run state....pattern?
Wyoming -- must be all the dude ranches

Florida was so close to making it off the list, but lawmakers claimed, according to the, that they didn't want to be seen as wasting people's time with such a rare crime. Oh Florida, how can we all bring our children to Disney World when we now know that Mickey could be sodomized at any moment and the perp. would get off (yes that was an unintentional pun) scot-free?  

If you love animals -- in a much different sort of way -- and want to help protect them from the real sickos, join the cause with the Humane Society of the United States

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