Meet the Mayor: Deep Ellum

Introducing "Meet the Mayor," a new segment in which we interview Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Deep Ellum
WFNX's Fletcher

Describe Deep Ellum.
It's a small, cool, local bar, and something like that's becoming hard to find in Allston. They have a fantastic back deck that's inspired a billion other bars in Allston to have a back deck, and a huge beer selection. If you're a beer snob and a foodie, it's, like, the greatest bar ever.

What's the best and worst things that have happened to you there?
Um, the best thing was probably a free plate of cheese fries, compliments of the manager. The worst thing was when they were closed this past Memorial Day. I had centered my entire day around hanging out on the back deck, and they were having a staff party, which made it even worse. It was packed, but even as the Mayor, I couldn't get in, which I found quite insulting.

What'd you do instead?
I probably went to the Model, or back to my house. I live next door, so it's an easy walk. Deep Ellum's become my actual home. I just sleep at my apartment.

As mayor, if you went mad with power, what kind of abusive laws would you enact?
We'd have to come up with some threat level of douchebaggery based on cargo pants and backwards BC Eagles caps and things like that, to decide who gets access to the bar.

Deep Ellum, 477 Cambridge St, Allston | 617.787.2337 |

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