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This Revolution Is Televised: A little something for assholes who are complaining that there's a lack of Occupy Wall Street coverage

So I found out this morning on Twitter that there's to be an Occupy Boston powwow modeled after the Occupy Wall Street actions that have been going so well in New York. I was surprised not because the spirit spread to Mass, but because I didn't get a press release. Call me arrogant if you want, but the fact is that I probably cover more protests than any other reporter in Boston, and found it to be a bit strange.

Or maybe it's not so strange. Perhaps it's an intentional oversight so that those who occupy Boston can mimic their Big Apple counterparts and complain obsessively that there's no coverage. Which brings me to the real point of this post, which is to call bullshit on the parrot clowns who have been claiming for a week now that the media's ignoring the New York action. You know the type - they don't actually follow the news, but they know everything about it.

As displayed below, there was and is no lack of coverage - I'd even go as far as to say that I've never seen a protest action of this sort get more attention. From the start of the occupation to the time that shit got rowdy, reporters have been there documenting. I'm no fan of the mainstream press, but the fact – and I don't use that word loosely – is that they were on their job. As fun as it is to complain about us, the corporate media (and even outlets that are owned by these nefarious institutions) is not the problem here. Wall Street is.

I hope that Occupy Boston goes well. Much like the Occupy Wall Street kids, I wish nothing but the worst for all scumbags who pillaged our economy. But I'm getting really sick of political novices and hipster dipshits thinking that the world needs to suddenly pay attention because they bought a tent and made a sign. If you want a quick hand job, post something clever on Facebook. Most activists would chop a finger off to get half this much major coverage. Now stop being babies and carry on - you sound like Glenn Beck bitching that nobody covered his redneck parade in DC last year.

A VERY condensed list of Occupy Wall Street coverage (please note that many of these outlets have reported on the action several times, and that these links are just from BEFORE cops lost their fucking minds down there, triggering the real media storm):

The Guardian

ABC News

Washington Post

New York Times


New York Magazine

Huff Post



Fox News

Global Post




The Week


Boston Globe


Denver Post

| More


  • Reg said:

    You're a collaborating crony shill and we see right through you, Chris.

    Nowhere do you mention WHY folks believe mass protests against CORRUPTION isn't being covered enough.

    But we also know why YOU don't mention it either: so as to not lose a piece of the pie your masters are kind enough to throw down the pyramid from time to time.

    It's all over, Chris. Corporate media has lost to alternative media. The lies, the deceit, the brainwashing, it's over. It's all coming down.

    And you're coming down with it, collaborator that you are.

    September 27, 2011 1:13 PM
  • @NEFreedomRide said:

    no press release was issued.  wats your twitter?  if you want updates, simply ask.

    and yeah you do sound a bit egomaniacal.  I have no idea who you are.  I'm sure it would have come up tonight at the GA.  thanks for the um..  press.

    September 27, 2011 3:07 PM
  • Daniel said:

    Also: first-hand account of the police violence from Boston Review

    September 27, 2011 4:07 PM
  • @niclydon said:

    Chris...sorry that the news wasn't delivered to you by press release. Journalists have also been known, in the past, to actually go out and find the news. You know, discover what is happening in the city that you report on?


    September 27, 2011 4:10 PM
  • Mario B said:

    Dead on about the hipsters and political novices. Those types are no better than the talking heads of the mainstream media- just another mouth spouting someone else's statement, never really knowing the significance of what they say. I'm all for taking down Wall Street, but shit, let's get somebody out there who's actually paid taxes for more than two weeks and has more experience than a bunch of kids who took half a semester of Political Participation 101 and, after dropping out of the class, feel like they have all the knowledge in the world as to how to fix the problem. Have any solutions been mentioned, or is this just your run of the mill, protest the problem with no plan type situation? Why don't these damn flash mobbers and tweeters do something truly meaningful, "flash mob" a wal-mart corporate headquarters, except instead of dancing to Glee covers, throw some fuckin molotovs and make a real point?

    September 27, 2011 4:14 PM
  • Guy said:

    Wow, they let this guy have a blog? Aside from the fact that it sounds ridiculous to focus on whether or not the group has done their publicity correctly, the article patently ignores that for the first week, there was NO coverage. Coverage only really began after clashes with police. The first day everyone was silent. Apparently, that's because "journalists" like this guy need to have an invitation hand delivered.

    September 27, 2011 4:20 PM
  • Mike Gallo said:

    haha, too funny. who are you again?

    ohh yea, the 99%. and we love you.


    September 27, 2011 4:22 PM
  • Conan776 said:

    "I probably cover more protests than any other reporter in Boston"

    Sorry, but I never heard of you. We're not even at the press release phase yet and there's nothing much to cover. If you feel scooped by yesterday's Metro, I was as shocked as anyone that they cobbled something together; I suspect the author probably follows @universalhub on Twitter who mentioned Occupy Boston in passing and winged it from there.

    As far as the jealousy over the Tea Party (and, yes Beck's rally got plenty of media) it's just feels like that if 5 Tea Partiers ride the same elevator, Wolf Blitzer shows up with a camera crew. There's a definite double standard when a five days protest in the heart of NYC not sponsored by billionaires only gets overseas coverage and an ABC blog post, and we can quibble about that, but since Sunday, hey, the word is out now.

    September 27, 2011 4:26 PM
  • Dig Jeff said:

    Incoming facsimile...urrrr EEEE urrr NNNGGGG CRRRRcrrrr KEEEEEEE grrr nnnnnng

    September 27, 2011 4:42 PM
  • KingCast said:

    Well as I say just because there was coverage doesn't mean there was quality coverage does it, Chris? I was there and as I told you on FB about the only mainstream folks I saw were a couple of stringers for CBS, we talked for a while and put them in my movie.

    And yah I tend to know what I'm talking about as a mortgage professional and former daily news reporter.... BTW the Boston Herald lost its Summary Judgment Motion against Joanna Marinova yesterday, I'll be the first journo to post that decision. Gotta stay current, go out and get the news!

    September 27, 2011 5:27 PM
  • James said:

    I'll be there after work, in my short haircut and tucked in shirt. You writing this off based on stereotyped appearances is trite but telling.

    September 27, 2011 5:28 PM
  • Mark said:

    You do have to give these people credit, they really pulled it together and made it happen.  So it's a first try and they are a bit inexperienced when it comes to sending out press releases?  So what.  Now it's spreading like wildfire and it's all because of a few admittedly young, admittedly idealistic people decided to put themselves on the line.  Maybe you should become a friend on the various "Occupy" facebook pages and then you'll get instant updates and never be left out of the loop again.

    September 27, 2011 5:44 PM
  • Millerz said:

    Do you always call the people you're covering "assholes?"  By "always" I mean in the few years since you recently got out of diapers and started covering so many protests. You definitely have a point in that a tweet is not a press release, but other than that, quick blips on police brutality does not equal covering protests, nor do obscure blogs = "CNN."  

    September 27, 2011 5:58 PM
  • Chris Faraone said:

    Four quick things:

    1 - I specifically noted that there was indeed tons of coverage BEFORE shit got out of hand on Wall Street. To disregard what I actually wrote and say that "coverage only really began after clashes with police" is either disingenuous or shows that you didn't read what I had to say.

    2 - If you're organizing a demonstration in Boston and are not familiar with my coverage over the past five years of actions in this city then I'm not sure where you did your homework. Much like the journos on Wall Street, I cover the shit out of protests around here.

    3 - I'm in the street every day looking for stories, and - unlike a lot of reporters around here - I actually live in the city and take public transportation. But how am I supposed to find out about something that hasn't happened yet unless somebody tells me?

    4 - I never criticized anybody's PR tactics. In fact I did quite the opposite, complimenting the occupiers on getting SO MUCH press.

    5 - The Boston Phoenix is an alternative news source. That's why I can call you people 'fucking assholes.'

    September 27, 2011 6:10 PM
  • Homeless Bum said:

    I wouldn't have thought to contact the Phoenix, either. It doesn't seem to be organized by career activists.

    And the spirit started here in Boston in December 2007, don't forget - at the very first Tea Party and End The Fed rally in Fanueil Hall and Ron Paul Money Bomb - before the rednecks overtook the movement

    September 27, 2011 9:14 PM
  • Jane Logan said:

    Here's a little something for reporters complaining about the lack of Press Releases alerting them to political protests.

    Occupy Boston might be a little disorganized, but that's just because they're just getting started. I heard about the meeting yesterday and was there tonight.

    For the record, I'm not a political novice. I'm 54 years and am an experienced activist having worked on the coastal homeowner insurance crisis since 2004.  I've done everything from grass roots organizing to writing articles featured in local papers right up to testifying at The Joint Committee on Financial Services Hearings-the most recent hearing was on 9/13/11.  I've also testified at MPIUA aka the Massachusetts Fair Plan rate hearings advocating for homeowner insurance reform.

    So the inexperienced organizers of "Occupy Boston" didn't send out Press Releases-get over yourself already...

    September 28, 2011 12:58 AM
  • Really said:

    People are neglecting the fact that this was a meeting. Since when do you issue a press release for a meeting? In my experience typically you decide things like who's going to put out a press release AT a meeting.

    Maybe you have covered many demonstrations over the past few years, but this isn't like just any other political demonstration. This is really happening, and if you want to alienate yourself go ahead.

    September 28, 2011 2:12 PM

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