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On the Road with Patti Smith and Bob Dylan

A backstage diary
It's Thanksgiving at the Smith home, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  March 07, 2012

ted crowd list

Ted's turn

Clinton caves on crime bill, but Kennedy can still salvage it
A little-known provision in the crime bill now being negotiated by a House-Senate conference committee would greatly expand the number of prison cells available to house violent criminals, and it wouldn't be cost a dime. But it may be doomed unless Senator Ted Kennedy is willing to spend some political capital.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  August 26, 2009


Ted Kennedy's real record

A note on the 32-year-incumbent's accomplishments
When a 32-year incumbent seeks re-election, there is a long and well-documented record that can be examined. So it's disconcerting to note that admit all the miles of newsprint and videotape that have been expended covering the US Senate campaign, little has been said of what Ted Kennedy has or hasn't accomplished.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  August 26, 2009


Sex, Drugs, Rock and Peace

How Abbie Hoffman politicized Woodstock – and changed America
It is a nation of alienated young people. We carry it around with us as a state of mind in the same way the Sioux Indians carried the Sioux nation around with them. It's a nation dedicated to cooperation versus competition, to the idea that people should have a better means of exchange than property and money.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  July 22, 2009


Damn you, Barack Obama

Win or lose, Obama's small donors may have already brought a revolution in campaign financing
Now that Obama's small contributors have effectively rewritten the history of political-campaign funding, even die-hard cynics are drinking the Kool-Aid.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  September 26, 2007
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