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Review: Bring tissues to King Lear at Monmouth

Oh how pride doth fall
Midstage against the roiling charcoal and gray backdrop of the Theater at Monmouth's King Lear is a stand of stark, boughless tree trunks all leaning to one side, as if so long in the same hard wind of Lear's heath that they'll never again grow upright.
By: BY MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  August 03, 2011

Performing words written en route to Auschwitz

Poetic collage
It is barely conceivable how one woman, at a way station en route to Auschwitz, wrote so ardently of purple lupine.
By: BY MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  May 06, 2011


Review: Generic Theater takes on Havel's tale of an intellectual amid revolution

Brainy burdens
In these days of ongoing revolution, many are drawn to look back to protest and uprisings of the past.
By: BY MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  April 13, 2011


New and old

The best of 2008's theater productions
First, a tribute to a few of the year's newer theater ventures.
By: BY MEGAN GRUMBLING  |  December 23, 2008
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