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at 10:00 am

International Steampunk City

May 8
154 Moody St, Waltham, MA   (view map)

Here at the Phoenix, we love us some steampunk. It's just geeky, dark, bemusing, and plain strange enough to suit anyone's interests. (Unless, of course, you're not turned on by speculative quasi-science cum fantasy fiction focused exclusively on steam power in the 19th century. In which case, move on.) Imagine, then, our delight when we heard over our wireless that the entire town of Waltham will transform into an International Steampunk City this weekend. Oh yes. The festivities are set to include a Victorian picnic, historic steam vehicles, storytellers, ham radio operators, street performances, magicians, theatrical performances, Live Action Role Playing Games, and train rides. Don your petticoat and goggles on Waltham Common (and at various other locations).

Merchants, art galleries, panels, music, LARPS, and a host of other activities

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International Steampunk City
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