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This week in big trouble: RICK SPRINGFIELD was arrested for driving drunk, FLAVOR FLAV was busted for a bunch of stuff, PHIL SPECTOR's appeal was rejected, and an American Navy SEAL team shot and killed gentle '70s folk-rock singer OSAMA BIN LADEN.

Also under fire was KID ROCK, who won the NAACP's Great Expectations Award amid great controversy: is it appropriate for the NAACP to honor a man who flies the Confederate flag? In his acceptance speech, Kid explained that he's "never once flown that flag with hate in his heart," and that he flew it only as an homage to Skynyrd. But, uh, isn't that the exact same thing racists always say? Putting the issue to bed once and for all, he closed the speech thusly: "I love America, I love Detroit, and I love black people!"

While we're in Detroit: our favorite miracle noticers, INSANE CLOWN POSSE, are hard at work on their next album, Mighty Death Pop!, which will reveal another "joker card" to shed further light on their quasi-Jesusy clown mythology. "There's actually two faces of the Mighty Death Pop!", Violent J told MTV News. "As soon as you see the other face, it will totally make sense. Right now, I know that's confusing, but when you see the other face, it's sort of a before-and-after deal. You'll see them both together, and you'll totally get it." Awesome — I'm finally gonna get it! I think my main barrier to entry into the whole Dark Carnival thing has been the impenetrability of their mythos. Now that they're dumbing down a shade, maybe I can get down with the clown.

But I'll have to wait, because they're not done yet — they're still posted up in the lab making sure it meets their exacting quality standards. "We're taking our time," Shaggy 2 Dope told MTV News. "We're doing what we do in the studio, coming out with the best record that we can do, and right now, it's gravy man." Not sure what he means by that last bit, but I'm guessing "gravy man" is Violent J's new nickname.

DAVE GROHL told Music Week, "I can't ever let the Foo Fighters go. I can't not be in this band." Fair enough — I can't not not enjoy listening to it. I couldn't possibly fail to not not want to hear your new record any less.

BIEBERWATCH! An Australian teen has been arrested for attempting to pelt our velvety pink darling with eggs during a recent concert. None of the eggs connected, but the grim reminder of life's frailty reportedly left Bieber in a state of trembling catatonia, during which he reportedly peed his bed. (Reportedly by me, inaccurately.)

STEVEN TYLER just released his new memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? He tells that we'll get some really deep insights from this one: "Why not share with the world the way it is and tell them my feelings about my cat?" I'm sold!

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