Out: Chasing the ghost of punk with the Ducky Boys

Hey, Duck you
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  February 21, 2012

WELCOME BACK The Ducky Boys celebrated the release of their first album in six years with a two-night blowout at Great Scott.
I recall the notion of the Ducky Boys breaking up and getting back together for "one last show" on a regular basis becoming kind of a running joke among cynical punk scene dwellers of the '00s. Considering how hard the band crushed Great Scott on Saturday — the first of a two-night holiday-weekend stand in Allston — maybe those kids shouldn't have been such snarky, thankless dicks. Then again, what else can you expect from punks?

From the start of Saturday's show, the Ducky Boys were focused, celebrating new record Chasing the Ghost by beginning with 2004's "Boston, USA" and ending with Operation Ivy's "Knowledge." In between, there was some accidental glass smashing when someone dropped a drink in the pit.

Ducky Boy singer/bassist Mark Lind penned a good chunk of Chasing the Ghost, the first Duckys album in almost six years, in the wake of a gnarly personal break up.

Since Lind's erstwhile old lady went splitsville, the Duckys have not only released this — one of their better albums, on their own State Line Records label — but are already planning to record a fresh EP next month, and can look forward to opening for Rancid and Dropkick Murphys in the near future. Despite how gracefully Lind has bounced back, the Duckys' merch girl still refused to sleep with him, or so he claimed before dedicating a song to her. But Lind, who a few years ago fronted the Unloved, wasn't totally without female admirers on this night.

"Mark, I want to hug you!" shouted someone in the crowd.

As for the openers, the singer in punk vets Hudson Falcons claimed to be a sibling of noted local punk personality Tommy Somerville, but I can neither verify or debunk this. Tijuana Sweetheart's Hellion wore a Plasmatics T-shirt, but unlike Wendy O. Williams, she did not frighten or gross out anyone. It was a pretty good night all around.

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