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Right-wing terror

The murder of Dr. George Tiller
By EDITORIAL  |  June 3, 2009


Conservatives scoffed in April when the Department of Homeland Security warned that the United States could face another wave of homegrown attacks.

Is the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller in Kansas this past weekend the start of a new anti-choice terror campaign? Combine with Tiller's assassination the right-wing outcry over President Barack Obama's restoration of federal money to overseas organizations that perform abortions and there could be serious cause to worry.

During the Clinton administration there were seven murders and 17 attempted murders of doctors and medical staff who worked in pro-choice clinics. The bomber of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics made it clear that his goal was to "shame" the nation for allowing abortions.

Before the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, before the attacks on 9/11, there existed operationally decentralized but ideologically coherent gangs of pro-life, pro-gun, anti-black, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant crazies who represented the clearest and most present danger to the nation. Their crowning achievement: the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 and wounded hundreds more.

Drawn from the ranks of fundamentalist Christians, neo-Nazis, survivalists, Ku Klux Klansmen, and radical pro-lifers, these nativist cadres have proven to be far more resilient than any of the putrid spawn of the so-called New Left, such as the Weather Underground.

Tiller's alleged assassin, Scott Roeder — an opponent of all but local government, a sometime tax resister who was once found by police with bomb-making materials in his car — appears to be a member of similar factions, including the "sovereign citizen" movement.

Like the New Left, the New Right advocates "power to the people" —its "people" being largely white, male, and Christian.

The mainstream political figure who most eloquently articulated the philosophy of the contemporary right was Senator Barry Goldwater. In his 1964 speech accepting the Republican nomination for president, Goldwater preached, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Roeder would no doubt agree.

Ever since Goldwater, Republicans have successfully played footsie with the most repulsive elements on the right. It was part of President Richard Nixon's malevolent genius that he was able to defang the 1968 candidacy of segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace, capturing enough angry, racist votes to win the White House.

Ronald Reagan proved just as slick, kicking off his 1980 campaign at an all-white Southern church and pledging himself to "state rights," which is rightspeak for keeping the black man in his place. It was during the Reagan era that the many and varied apostles of hate and other assorted political misfits found common cause.

Today, these people form a very disquieting base within the Republican core. It is a group that, short of apocalypse, can never be satisfied. These political primitives, however, can be coddled and petted — as President George W. Bush proved time and again with his appointments to the Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judiciary. It is probably not a coincidence that anti-abortion killings were suspended during Bush's time in office. Why risk symbolic violence when others can achieve your goals within the framework of government?

Obama's election shattered this comfortable assumption. The president's commitment to engage in a rational discussion about abortion is clearly driving the hard right crazy, as is his nomination of appellate judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

While Sotomayor is, at this point, only presumed to be pro-choice, that's enough for the hate wing of the Republican Party. The fact that she is of Puerto Rican descent and a woman makes her that much easier to vilify.

Republicans who engage in electoral politics have it much easier than their predecessors. The likes of Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly (who waged a verbally violent campaign against Tiller) do the dirty work — and delight in doing so.

Here is a radical idea: if O'Reilly, Newt Gingrich, and their ilk are really as aghast at Tiller's murder as they claim to be, they should make it clear that they want neither their votes nor their audience participation. They ought to begin and end each speech or broadcast with a denunciation of those who applaud Tiller's assassination.

Fat chance, huh? There is a greater likelihood that Limbaugh will go on a diet.

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Re: Right-wing terror
Was this article by any chance written by a 20 year old college student? The sheer infantile ridiculousness of left wing journalism has gotten beyond a joke and it really is time that the mainstream media stopped in their tracks and took a long hard look at why their deteriorating circulation figures are sending them to bankruptcy.  Never mind that the KKK was a Democrat organization. Never mind that a recent AP/Yahoo poll showed that over a third of registered Democrats harbor extremely racist attitudes toward black people. Never mind that a Republican President, Ronald Reagan, improved the economic status of African Americans more than any Democrat Presidents combined. No, all that matters is finding an excuse to publish a juvenile Photoshopped image of conservatives in KKK gear and to accompany it with the latest hate-filled populist left wing meme, which is that conservative views are "extremist" and that liberal views are "normal." It has really come to something when liberals insist that any objection to murdering late term babies is "extremist," while condoning the murder of these living human beings is "acceptable" and "mainstream." And why bother pointing out that 99.9999% of people who object to abortion have no intention of ever taking the law into their own hands? No, of course this doesn't fit the left wing agenda, which is to sabotage the debate by throwing the words "hate" and "extremist" around like confetti at a wedding and suggesting that the pro-life movement is somehow inherently dangerous and hate-filled.  It's become the Soup of the Day to claim that conservative ideas lead to violence, while liberal ideas are benign and have nothing but the best of intentions. It's also commonplace to hear that the left hasn't done anything extreme for years. But upon closer examination it's apparent that the most destructive, harmful, violent damage inflicted upon American society is the direct result of liberal ideology. In the early 70's the left teamed up with radical race hate groups like the Black Panthers and reshaped the civil rights movement from a perfectly noble cause (led by a Republican, MLK) into a toxic mix of Marxism and racial separatism, which was basically the seed of ghetto gang culture. They channeled millions to the Panthers, with which they bought drugs and guns and terrorized communities. This gang culture spread throughout the 70's and became increasingly violent. As the journalist Stanley Crouch pointed out recently, more black people have been killed by the Bloods and the Crips since 1980 in LA alone than were ever lynched in American history. These killings have been even more senseless and hateful than the killing of George Tiller and the influence of the left on ghetto society is entirely to blame for this ongoing carnage, in which hundreds of thousands have died.  Liberals are, more than anyone else, responsible for fuelling and stoking the fires of tribal separatism and identity politics, whether it be based on sexuality, gender or race. Yet year after year, liberals continue to do their best to perpetuate the myth that the hatred in American society is the fault of Republicans. Well, it's time to nip that ridiculously disingenuous idea in the bud and to finally come to terms with the fact that the ideology of leftist liberals has wreaked more havoc and misery upon society than any other influence in history. Articles like the one above go off the scale in their dishonesty, bias and uncontrolled partisan hatred. It makes me so happy to know that newspapers are going out of business. It really is time to purge the country of this kind of ignorant "journalism." 
By sharke on 06/06/2009 at 1:07:17
Re: Right-wing terror
1. It's funny that liberals are only now concerned about people associated with domestic terrorists when they didn't care about it at ALL when electing their president who has a long and very close association with confessed domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, members of the terrorist group Weather Underground which has a history of murder and of which Bill Ayers said he regretted nothing and would do it all again. Bill Ayers worked closely with Obama on education and is widely believed to be the ghost writer for Obama's books. Every other domestic terrorism group in America is from the LEFT. From the earth liberation front, to the animal liberation front, to homegrown muslim terrorists which find welcome in Democrat circles.
2. The left wing called our military "war criminals", "baby killers" and marched in huge protests where they burned our troops in effigy, and carried enormous signs that said such things as "I support our troops when they SHOOT their officers". They are just as responsible for the shooting that killed a new Army recruit and injured a recruiter. And the previous bombings and other attacks on recruitment offices.
3. Liberals published books, produced off-Broadway plays, and made a feature-length movie calling for the asassination of President Bush.   4. "Air America" liberal talk radio host Randi Rhodes frequently suggested the assasination of President Bush, including audio of gunfire while doing so. 5. The KKK is and has always been made up of DEMOCRATS and they murdered hundreds of Republicans.  6. SITTING Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was a KKK Grand Kleagle. How many lynchings he participated in is still unknown. Democrats call this Grand Kleagle of the KKK the "Conscious of the Senate" 7. Slavery was supported by DEMOCRATS. Segregation and Jim Crow laws were supported by DEMOCRATS, and the Civil Rights Act was opposed by DEMOCRATS including Al Gore's father and Bill Clinton's mentor.  8. To this day, when African Americans  like Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steel stray off the Democrat plantation meant to keep African Americans dependent on Democrat hand outs, and join the Republican party to promote a country with more freedom, opportunity and less big dependence on big Democrat government, white, liberal Democrats call them racist names like house n***er, Uncle Toms, and draw racist cartoons of them (see Ted Rall). When Republican president Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, white DEMOCRATS immediately began working furiously to make African Americans dependent on them politically. and they have never stopped. Democrats KEEP them in underperforming schools, even shutting down charter schools and voucher programs because they are WORKING and providing African Americans with a better education and a chance at real opportunity. It is DEMOCRAT policies that have destroyed the African American family and caused the out of wedlock birth rates to skyrocket to 70%.New Orleans and Louisianna had been governed EXCLUSIVELY by Democrats for the past 40 years -- and Hurricane Katrina showed us it is THE poorest, THE most uneducated, THE most government-dependent region in the country. Precisely BECAUSE Democrats have been in control down there for over 40 years! And that is the way Democrats WANT it.They want voters DEPENDENT on them,Your article is backwards, and so very, VERY ignorant.  Read Alexis de Toucqueville if you even know who that is,  and quit writing ignorant articles parrotting Keith Olberman! This ignorant drivel is such a direct rip off of his ignorant rant the other day, he should sue you for  plagiarism!
By Reality Check on 06/06/2009 at 8:24:02
Re: Right-wing terror
Ah, the joy of free speech.  This gives your "paper" the right to publish such trash by depicting these American citizens as KKK.  Don't they have the right to free speech as well?  Good Luck in defending this outrage.  Remember, every one of us is entitled to practice free speech, remember that next time you want to make a statement.   
By gillmeister on 06/06/2009 at 10:19:10
Re: Right-wing terror
If you were actually smart you would know Limbaugh is already on a diet.
By MikeinVA on 06/06/2009 at 1:29:56
Re: Right-wing terror
 Can anyone tell me which party, at their national convention, had thousands and thousands of Klansmen parading through the streets of D.C.?  Yes, that would be the Democrats.  Can anyone tell me who the Radical Repbulicans were?  They were republicans who fought against the democrats who wanted to keep the blacks enlaved.  It is conservatives who have helped the poor and blacks throughout history.  It is democrats who wanted to enslave them and continue to enslave them through reliance on the government instead of themselves.  What I wonder is why Barack Obama hates black people- maybe because his father abandoned him?  
By TimJones on 06/06/2009 at 4:01:37
Re: Right-wing terror
#1. Why do you think it is our responsibility to pay for abortions overseas? You can't be that much of a bleeding heart. You are obviously more the hate-monger type-judging by your article and the photo that goes along with it. #2. How dare you insinuate that fundamental Christians had anything to do with the bombing of the Murrah Bldg. You obviously have no respect for anyone or shame for anything you do, and you then profile others blaming them for hatefulness that only a crazy misguided person like you would be able to display. #3. Tiller was not assassinated-he was murdered. Just like many other people are murdered every day of the week. What about the viable newborns that Tiller killed? Were they assassinated too? (Oh I'm sure in your simple hateful mind they were not.) #4. The new "right" movement is not largely male or Christian or White. (Although, I can't help feeling that you are playing the race-card here, are you a member of the KKK?) I am female and Hispanic, so shove your theory up your a$$. #5. Roeder was a "some-time" tax resistor? Wow, that's better than most of the people in Obama's cabinet! #6. If I'm not mistaken CLINTON was President when Tiller got shot in both arms, last time I checked Clinton was a Democrap. #7: You are a hate mongerer, like most Democrats. I have never heard any Conservative ever spew such hatred as you have in this article. It seems that you have no trouble calling everyone else names and accusing everyone you don't agree with of racism, and hate crimes. But let's take a look at how many groups you have disparaged in your article: Christians White Men Pro-life (which by the way are entiltled to their opinions as much as you are entitled to yours) The Right Wing Party Anti-immigrants (which would be illegal immigrants) Pro-Gun Survivalists Barry Goldwater George Bush George Wallage Ronald Reagan Rush Limbaugh Newt Gingrich Bill O'Rielly The KKK could only aspire to be filled with more hate than you. By the way, you rocket scientist: Obama is HALF White
By Betsy Ross on 06/07/2009 at 12:45:54
Re: Right-wing terror
One more thing, it's very fitting that you would hide your name from this editorial, kind of like the KKK hides behind their sheets...are you sure your not a member of the KKK? You seem to have a lot in common with them. Why don't you post your name are you chicken?
By Betsy Ross on 06/07/2009 at 1:20:31
Re: Right-wing terror
Since not long ago I was deemed a right winged extremist by the Department of Homeland Insecurity because I hold to the belief that life begins at conception, that I believe that the Constitution should be the one and only litmus test for what the federal government should do and not do and that we should demonstrate a balanced fiscal policy I guess that means whatever I have to say will be given no creedence. I am honored to be in company with all those who served thsi country int eh armed forces. When poltical satire as demonstrated in the picture is practiced by conservatives it is considered hate speech but I long ago realized liberals are above such things. If I posted a picture of President Obama, Pelosi and Reid in the unifroms of the Thrid Reich with there arms raised it would be hate speech. If I pictured President Obama with a turban and a beard sitting at a campfire with Osama Bin Laden it would be hate speech, but lucky for us liberals are above such things. Doctor Tiller murdered children and that is a fact that can not be explained away by the right to chose and is not excused because it is legal. The fact that he was one of very few who would practice late term abortion as late as in the 9th month clearly identifies him for waht he was. Worse than that is the very fact that I do not believe he was a zealot who only cared about the right to chose. He became a millionaire performing mrder for hire. Did he deserve to be murdered, gunned down at church? No but lets not make him out to be more than he was. The left should feel guilty taking advatage of this tragedy to promote their agenda.
By Supreme Commander on 06/07/2009 at 12:13:17

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