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50 Bands 50 States

50 Bands 50 States

New Jersey:

Screaming Females


CITY: New Brunswick
ON THE TUBES: MySpaceWeb siteYouTube
RECORD LABEL: Don Giovanni

WHY THEM? Well, 1) because we’re tired of hearing about gall-durned Titus Andronicus when we know exactly zero people who’ve dug their live show, and 2) because why the fuck are we talking about those guys when Screaming Females exist? Head Female and guitarist Marissa Paternoster’s fiery, feral guitar scratches each song, and filthy bass lines leave gross tire tracks all over their most recent album, Power Move. (Their split 7-inch with defunct and beloved fellow Brunswickians Hunchback is worth hunting down, too.) But it’s when the blistering Paternoster fully realizes her band’s moniker that your ears have heart attacks.

BONUS BIT! Paternoster told “If I saw me, I’d say, ‘Look at that lesbian shredding!’ But you know, I would automatically assume that any girl that shreds is a lesbian. I’m going to assume that Marnie Stern is a lesbian, and who else plays guitar? Yeah, they’re all lesbians.” (Relax — she is too.)


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