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re: Penny Arcade surprised to find that rape jokes offend people

Frankly, the best articles I've seen on this are the Amanda Marcotte one and this.  The original joke wasn't a big deal, the response to the criticism was.

By Wynne on 07-24-2011

re: Having sex in Fable 3 – and the trouble with love

Molyneux would make a better mouthpiece for the Fable series if they replaced his mouth with a butt and all he could make were farting noises.

By Broseph on 07-23-2011

re: [con report] Invasion of the Bronies? Dispatch from My Little Pony Fair 2011



By anon on 07-15-2011

re: [con report] Invasion of the Bronies? Dispatch from My Little Pony Fair 2011

I was one of the Bronies at this Pony Fair. I was there for about 5 hours. I talked with a lot of really nice people and had a lot of fun seeing all of the fans in one place.

Thank you as well for not vilifying Bronies like so many other media outlets have done. We love the show. Good art, great voice acting and real character development. Throw in some Broadway inspired musical numbers and it makes it 20% cooler for everyone. :)


By Doombah on 07-15-2011

re: [con report] Invasion of the Bronies? Dispatch from My Little Pony Fair 2011

Not January, but in October.

That's the only thing you missed.

I'm sending this story to Equestria Daily now, since this page seems to be lacking the intense amount of comments it deserves.

By Shoutingryan on 07-14-2011

re: That midnight train to Alewife: Poets slam on the MBTA

Punny title!!

By TigerMom on 07-11-2011

re: The Skies are Falling! The Skies are Falling!

Totally agree, funny review

By BostonianBiddy44 on 07-07-2011

re: The Curious Case of Junk That Eats Junkies: Flesh-rotting drug “krokodil” grips Russia

What makes krokodi all the more appealing is its delicious ability of disfiguring you around the point of injection and leaving you looking like a bloated monkey with gangrene. Not sure how you’ll explain that one or the at the office.

By scallywag on 06-30-2011

re: Google+: Social Minus the Network?

Hi Katie,

While your lack of optimism is not surprising considering how buzz and wave did, i think you are missing the big picture. Google has a 90% search presence on the web. Social networking isn't a product by itself, rather a feature. Google has big plans for plus. Facebook is great but it has evolved over time to what it is now. Google+ starts off with the notion of social circles and clear privacy rules. So we the end user has the choice whether to be trapped in a social bubble or expand their horizon. We have the choice. I'm surprised you didn't even touch on the Hangout and Huddle features which are truly innovative. so saying "forgets the networking part of the equation" is not really true. It gives you more control and makes it easier who you network with.

By Dasith on 06-30-2011

re: Gears of War 3: Female Character Added, Game Ruined

OMG, I have to chime in! If you grew up female in the 60's, you were told that women were not psychologically adapted to be astronauts, athletes, engineers, lawyers, judges,cops, firefighters, surgeons (being a doctor was OK if you were a pediatrician). Women were certainly not suitable to be heads of state - we don't want a WOMAN sitting with her finger on the button - heaven forbid! Especially if it is her "time of the month"! (Regardless of what one thinks of her political philosophy, Margaret Thatcher eliminated all doubt about women being capable to run the world). For all of the troglodytes who insist that women are emotionally inferior to men, science has proven the only real difference between women and men is physical strength. Ironically, the "weaker" sex is just that - physically weaker; but technology is negating the need for brute strength. Making decisions based on emotion is a training issue, NOT a biological one. (Consider the number of men who stalk their ex wives and girlfriends, obsessed to the point of killing. Now argue that women are the emotional ones). Women WILL see combat eventually; they will fly as combat pilots initially. To Sean who said: "THIS is a fucking fact that you can't dispute. THEY ARE NOT MADE TO BE SOLDIERS." You are right - it is pretty difficult to argue with a bigot. Or to dispute sexism since it is not based in reality. Your reasoning is no more sound  than those who argued that blacks were not made to be officers. Or that gays could not serve honorably. The bottom line, however, is that just bc you say it doesn't make it so. "(Y)ou all bought into feminist propaganda that is shoved down our throats by the liberal media." Turn off Fox, Sean, step out of your man-cave and maybe read a BOOK... There is a thing called a LIBRARY where you can have access to real facts. Here are a few that even one such as yourself cannot dispute:  This is a video game, not life. Even if it were true that women were not suitable to be soldiers, there is no reason why they are not suitable to play a game, which is fantasy. The only thing that game producers care about is selling their product. ME/ME2 included the ability to play Shepherd as a female or male. Last I heard, the only real complaint about ME is that it will not have a ME4! ME is a RAGING success. The fact that the lead character can be female demonstrates that gender is a non-issue. All of the whining is for naught. A few final facts: You guys have gotten awfully "emotional" about a non-issue. As ever, there will always be men who are threatened by powerful women. Science has shown us that women have the SMARTS to be anything they want to be. Modern day combat requires smarts, not muscle. That is a FACT that you and your cavebuddies will have to wrap your skulls around.

By AmazingAmazon on 06-28-2011

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