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Review: To the Arctic

The Arctic is still melting, people
Heart-wrenching footage of polar cubs wrestling and caribou mothers pushing their young to higher ground isn't necessary to educate the viewer on the thoroughly depressing domino effect of melting sea ice. But hot damn, does it help.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  April 18, 2012


On the Cheap: Crumbs Bake Shop

Giving in to cupcake culture
I have nothing against cake — or its pocket-size counterpart, the cupcake — but I've always been more of a pie girl.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  April 04, 2012


Give Peach a chance

Our fave food mag is back for more
It's almost frustrating how cool Lucky Peach is.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  March 21, 2012


Cameroon foundation gets fabulous

ONE Love
A drag queen named Tiffany Whispers strokes her bubblegum-pink wig and smiles at me as I hand my coat off to be checked. "Don't you just love Africa?" she says, and winks before taking another sip of her drink, her frosty lipstick leaving a mark on the straw.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  March 14, 2012


Beatrice Peltre's La Tartine Gourmande makes the leap from blog to book

Picture perfect
The second I step into Béatrice Peltre's kitchen, I'm hit with two thoughts.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  February 29, 2012


On The Cheap: Lone Star Taco

Another outstanding ode to Texas from the Deep Ellum crew
While the food at Allston's Deep Ellum occasionally plays second fiddle to its stand-out list of libations, the plates and tequila concoctions found next door at Lone Star Taco, the latest Texan ode from Aaron Sanders and Max Toste, are perfectly in step.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  February 22, 2012


Twenty-nine-year-old Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler is the cool kid's Buddhist.

The sound of one hand clapping
In his new book, Rinzler spells out mindful compassion for the millennial set, making room for one-night stands and cocktails on the weekend.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  February 08, 2012


Interview: Katie Leung follows Harry Potter with ART's Wild Swans

On track
Fans of J.K Rowling's wizarding empire (read: every man, woman, and child) all remember the moment we were introduced to Cho Chang, the lucky Ravenclaw who gets to paint the town (and do a bit of snogging) with Mr. Potter himself.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  January 31, 2012


American Idiot rocks out

The Boston premiere of Michael Mayor's staging
As the crowd spilled in for Tuesday night's Boston premiere of Green Day's American Idiot , necks craned and fingers pointed, mohawked guys in their mid-30s and elderly couples jostled for their seats alongside teenage girls in plaid skirts and suspenders.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  January 26, 2012


On the Cheap: Grillo's Pickles

Brining it all back home  
The only thing more fun than saying "pop-up pickle shop" is opening various pickle jars from said pickle shop on your desk and subsequently coating your hands in a pungent wash of spicy vinegar while you dig in. The keyboard, too.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  January 25, 2012


On the Cheap: Ecco Pizzeria

A much-needed break from the everyday slice
I'm not sure when Allston woke up and decided it needed a new pizza joint on every other block, but I'm not complaining, and neither is my fridge.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  January 12, 2012


I learned to love the grape — and so can you, at the Boston Wine Expo

Snob Story
I have never been a stranger to wine.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  January 12, 2012


Waiting to exhale

Breath the buzz
A nervous little chill ran through me as I stared at the Chapstick-size tube sitting on my desk.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  December 28, 2011


Interview: Michel Hazanavicius talks about The Artist

Silence is golden
Michel Hazanavicius became one of France's directorial rock stars after the release of OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies and its sequel, OSS 117: Lost in Rio, spoofy tributes to the Bond films of the '60s starring the suave Jean Dujardin as the swaggering, unabashedly racist and misogynistic yet frustratingly charming hero.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  December 20, 2011


On the Cheap: Stone Hearth Pizza

Classic pizza with a healthy — and delicious — twist  
There is no shortage of pizza joints in the greater Boston area, that's for damn sure. But Stone Hearth Pizza —with locations in Cambridge, Needham, Belmont, and, as of a few weeks ago, Lower Allston — is the front-runner for guilt-free, locally sourced pizza pies.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  December 07, 2011


The Art of Eating turns 25

The teaching book
A recipe is a slippery creature. Understanding how to throw a certain combination of ingredients into a pot and make something edible is one thing. Truly feeling the intention behind it? That's another.  
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 30, 2011


Pretty Things turns 21, in Dog Years

Old enough to drink
There's something so very Somerville about Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 30, 2011


Erin Byers Murray digs for Duxbury bivalves

Shucking, but not jiving
The first time I ate an oyster it was swamped with a tangy mignonette to avoid any hint of unpleasant squishy sea-creatureness.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 22, 2011


On the Cheap: Stoddard's Cutlery

Kitchen knives getting dull? Sharpen up at this blade emporium  
After all the chopping, carving, and mincing of Turkey Day, it's no surprise that your knives are going to need a facelift. Owner David Marks is about to be your saving grace.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 22, 2011


Science fare

The chemistry of haute cuisine
This week, Chang is coming to Harvard to take part in "Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to the Science of Soft Matter," a new lecture series devoted to the science of food that pairs renowned chefs with Harvard scientists.
By: CASSANDRA LANDRY  |  November 14, 2011
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