Thursday, March 01, 2012

cover by: Veronica Fish
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Authors strut their stuff
Live and in person
Cool moves
Home teams and visitors
Spring theater offerings
Fight the good fight


On the Cheap: Green T Coffee Shop
Minimalism done right
Photos: Boston baristas hit up Northeast Regional Barista Competiton
Northeast Regional Barista Competition | Saturday-Sunday, February 25-26, 2012


Chumps at the Pump
Big Fat Whale


Review: Act of Valor
The Navy SEALs' killing of Bin Laden, in film form
Review: Chico & Rita
An animated film for grown-ups
Review: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
3D animated spectacular
Review: Gone
Heitor Dhalia's moody but middling thriller
Review: In Darkness
Agnieszka Holland's Oscar-nominated story
Review: Kill List
Ben Wheatley's Yorkshire-based crime thriller
Review: Project X
Done before and better
Review: Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Adult Swim 's cult comedy duo
Review: Tyler Perry's Good Deeds
Perry's latest melodrama
Review: Wanderlust
Goofy gags
The blockbusters bloom early in 2012
Springboard to summer


††† | EP 2
Deftones/Far (2012)
Andrew Bird | Break It Yourself
Mom + Pop (2012)  

Music Continued

Ava Luna | Ice Level
Infinite Best (2011)
Eroicism: Emmanuel Music, NEC's Offenbach, Primary Source, Lunatics at Large
Plus guest conductors at the Handel and Haydn Society and the BSO, and Benjamin Zander with the Boston Philharmonic
Magical Mistakes | Special Friends
Kassette Klub (2012)
New discs, new shows
Spring leaves
Photos: Streight Angular at Middlesex Lounge
"Streight Night" | Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Xiu Xiu | Always
Polyvinyl (2012)


All signs go for Joe
So far, the family mystique is working entirely in favor of Joe Kennedy III's Congressional bid — but recent events show how unpredictable Camelot can be
Answer her prayer, emo pioneers!
Letters to the Boston editors, March 2, 2012
Big changes are coming for Central Square
Can this unique neighborhood maintain its identity?
Telling Jessie's story
The soul inside
The power of texting
Mobile phones and alternative currencies are changing how the whole world pays for everything


Review: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Curt Schilling's winning pitch to gamers

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