Bloody July

In just one month, six different State Supreme Courts have ruled against gay marriage
By MICHAEL J. AMICO  |  August 9, 2006

Gay and lesbian people wishing to wed in the US have had little luck this summer, but the season’s disappointing court rulings, listed below, are not alone to blame for that hushed sound of spinning wheels you hear. Same-sex-marriage advocates haven’t much changed their approach to the issue either. They have argued for same-sex marriage in the same way for nearly a decade. That strategy — which cites the right to marry the person of your choice found in the monumental interracial marriage case Loving v. Virginia (1967) — has worked only once, in Massachusetts. Before same-sex marriage advocates burn out, their increasingly rusty legal approach is probably due for an oil change. It looks like it’s time to dust off the history books and shine a bright light on the phantom presence of eugenics propaganda underlying successful efforts to defend “traditional” marriage.

July 6, New York — State Supreme Court: Constitution doesn’t require same-sex marriage

July 6, Georgia — Georgia Supreme Court: Amendment banning same-sex marriage is constitutional

July 10, Massachusetts — State Supreme Court: Ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage can continue

July 14, Nebraska — Eight Circuit Court of Appeals: Ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional

July 14, Tennessee — State Supreme Court: Amendment to ban same-sex marriage can remain on ballot in November

July 26, Washington — State Supreme Court: Defining marriage between a man and woman is constitutional

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