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  • June 29, 2006
    By webteam

    An article in today's New York Times discusses a new report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston which found that Maine has a strong tourist economy but a relatively weak yearlong economy in the wake of our dissolving manufacturing base. Hardly breaking news.

    But the extent of the trouble is: According to the Reserve, Maine is one of only two states in the country to suffer economic decline in 2005.

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  • June 26, 2006
    By webteam

    The Natural Resources Council of Maine will host a screening of Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" on Thursday, July 6, at 7 pm.

    "Truth" opens this Wednesday at the Movies On Exchange in Portland. It runs from June 28 through July 25. NRCM staff will introduce the movie at their event next week by talking about global warming, its effect on Maine, and what we can do about it.

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  • June 22, 2006
    By webteam
    UPDATED June 22, 2:15 pm.
    I just talked to the company president, Jon Cadoux, who explained how this all came about. Apparently, the company sent out a sample to another media outlet a week or so ago, in packaging that they thought was more restrained and more environmentally aware, and got a call from an irate reporter, who had opened the box to broken glass and a sopping-wet press kit, because the bottle had broken during shipment.

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  • June 21, 2006
    By webteam

    Anti-war activists plan to gather in a peaceful demonstration in Tommy's Park in Portland on July 7 to read the names of the US dead in the Iraq War to date and an equal number of names of Iraqi dead. The gathering will begin at 11:30 am and the reading of the names will begin at 1:00 pm. According to figures released by the Pentagon last week, the number of US military killed in Iraq has reached 2500.

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  • June 20, 2006
    By webteam
    A moose found wandering in the East End was killed this morning. Portland police say one and possibly two moose came ashore on East End Beach this morning. One ended up in Back Cove, where it was scared off into woods near Payson Park by the sound of emergency vehicles' sirens, as well as some bean bags shot at it.

    A short time later, another moose - or possibly the same one - was spotted back near Munjoy Hill, where it was hit by a tow truck and severely injured.

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  • June 14, 2006
    By webteam

    It's the day after the primary election and the two Dems vying for Senator Olympia Snowe's job have spent most of it not knowing which of them will get the party's nomination. With 94 percent of precincts reporting by mid-afternoon, Jean Hay Bright, of Dixmont, had 50.68% of the vote (that's 22,360 people) and Eric Mehnert, of Orono, had 49.

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  • June 14, 2006
    By webteam
    Portland city attorney Gary Wood issued a press release last night with the city's official response to the vote by Peaks Island residents that they wish to secede from the city of Portland and form their own community.

    Interestingly, the press release included all of the changes made by city officials in the drafting of the response, which may offer clues to the city's possible response when the matter moves to the Legislature.

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  • June 08, 2006
    By webteam

    Here's a sign of the times: today, the Bangor Daily News reported that an Aroostook arts organization has taken refuge inside the Aroostook Centre Mall. The Aroostook Arts and Education Centre, which teaches kids and adults about creative and dramatic arts, will move into a 1385-square-foot space next to Sears as early as this fall.

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  • June 07, 2006
    By webteam

    Boaters in southern Maine can breathe a little easier now that the Strout's Point Wharf Company, a marina in Freeport, is offering biodiesel fuel. The marina announced the new fuel in a press release this week.

    Biodiesel is made from renewable resources like soybeans or vegetable oil and marketed versions usually are mixed with petroleum.

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  • June 06, 2006
    By webteam
    An announcement by the Maine Global Action Network (MeGAN), went statewide last night, marked "urgent," and saying "please broadcast."

    So we hope you'll forgive us for being surprised at the tone of this morning's retraction, which also went to the group's entire e-mail list, including media outlets like the Phoenix, which called the previous announcement a "press release," but then went on to say, "Unfortunately, the press has gotten ahold of it and that is very embarrassing."

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  • June 05, 2006
    By webteam
    Appearing tonight at the South Portland Marriott with Governor John Baldacci is former president Bill Clinton. Why the Dems have flown in their biggest asset to boost a governor whose approval ratings are right up there with Dubya is an interesting point.

    Clinton, who apparently can draw $500 a plate in Maine (and much, much more elsewhere), will attempt to lift the reelection odds of Baldacci, who faces not only a runoff in his own party (admittedly against a dark horse), but the winner of an impressive three-man Republican primary field, and a Green Independent candidate.

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