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New in the Phoenix: A brief history of Obama hatred

In which I discuss whether the drop-off in anti-Obama invective following his election is a lasting development--or just a temporary lull.

Also: the case against tightening up, however incrementally, on anti-Obama speech.

  • aging cynic said:

    Listen to yourself. Progressive rhetoric long ago crowded out honest discussion in the media. "Obama hatred"? Whenever Bush-haters went on their rants of the last eight years, we were reminded of the rough and tumble history of American political discourse, "politics ain't beanbag". NOW this is suddenly a problem because the wrong person is being criticized? "Gee, I can't fathom why newspapers are in such trouble...." As mentioned elsewhere, when you poison the well, don't then expect it to be magically cleaned up.

    January 17, 2009 2:03 PM
  • Adam said:

    AC, I'd argue that the most extreme anti-Obama invective--e.g., joking about the desirability of Obama's assassination on Fox (as Liz Trotta did) or claiming that Obama is about to drag the nation into a hell worse than the Civil War (as Michael Savage did)--is worse than the worst anti-Bush invective. But if you have counterexamples, I'd love to hear them.

    January 18, 2009 11:43 AM

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