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VIDEO: Thunderdome XIV in 3D at Villa Victoria

VIDEO: Thunderdome XIV, Episode I. Scroll down for Episodes 2 & 3.

We're still not quite sure how it all happened.  Here's the Villa Victoria Center for Arts, a renovated church nestled in a charming South End nook, effectively hollowed out and packed full of the latest rave technology: audio-reactant video projections, holographic LCD screens, multiple bars, loads of PBR, limitless Red Bull. THUNDERDOME organizer Mike McKay pulled no punches: Robotkid and VJ Matt Boch of Hamonix fame working video screens, with DJs Baltimoder, Dev/Null, Mistaker, and Number One Dad & Fred Mertz working the sound waves.  Months in the making, their sacrifices given and divine offerings made (mostly in the form of virgins and goat entrails, no doubt) Thunderdome XIV blew the fuck up.

PHOTOS: Thunderdome XIV in 3D at Villa Victoria

Kids rolled out of side streets at ten sharp, fashionably prompt and looking to rage. We spent several minutes trying to identify the crowd demographic: Glam-crust? Hip-glam? Fashion-bro? Nothing quite fit. On display was an amorphous, amalgamated style of everything Boston offers: Mafioso suits and rainbow skirts, corsets and golden tank-tops, popped collars and skinny jeans. Inside, the crowds massed and beats dropped. Hysteria commenced.

On the dance floor, which looked like a cavernous tribute to DIY American Legion shows, couples and newly-mets held sloppy make-out seshes in the corner while others shamelessly licked faces among the crowd. Seriously, I saw a dude run up to a girl, lick her face and ditch. We imagine this behavior was much repeated. From the pews, which spread along the top of the hall in a theater-style semi-circle, heads stared in rapture at the masses below and projections above: Spy Kids 3-D mashed with Insane Clown Posse videos, pineapples and Motorola cellphones bumping with the beat of the people. It was like a corrupted Zen dream: total chaotic synchronization of the crowds-music-visuals. To paraphrase one of our editors, kids were tripping balls.

Being responsible journalists, we put our cameras down around midnight to partake in the festivities. We were on stage at one point, waving our hands in the air like we just didn't care.  Some chick stage dove. There was a rap battle. Maybe? Our concrete memories collectively degraded with the passing of time, which led to the brilliant decision of moving our asses over to the after-party at Rise, where Red Foxx, Die Young, and David Day spun till the early morning. 

Rise after two a.m. plays like the goth party scene in the last Matrix film: perception-numbing laser blasts. Flashes of brilliant white light (which oft revealed the silhouettes of couples doing god-only-knows in horrifically dim corners). Germanic, bass-heavy beats and vampires. Well, if we're to believe the Blade trilogy, this is totally the place where vampires chill. Our footage reveals a concession stand serving red bull and skittles along with more flashing lights. Our memories reveal little more.

- P. Nick Curran and Addison Post

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