Photos: America's Stonehenge

Salem, New Hampshire
By JASMINE LYWEN-DILL  |  November 9, 2011
The entrance sign in the parking explains that you are about to explore a site that was constructed at least 4,000 years ago.
READ: "Everybody must get Stone(henge)d" by Jasmin Lywen-Dill
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  • Everybody must get Stone(henge)d
    When I went to Stonehenge in the UK last year, it was hard to get a picture of just the rocks without some tourist being in your frame. After a couple of minutes waiting in line, I just wanted to be done with it, post the pictures on Facebook, and officially say I'd been there.
  • The Granite State Gang
    Big bucks couldn't buy the viral awe and ire that the Free State Project (FSP) scored on August 11, when New Hampshire resident William Kostric arrived outside President Barack Obama's Portsmouth Town Hall meeting with a handgun on his right thigh — "open carrying" is quite legal in the Granite State — and a sign declaring IT IS TIME TO WATER THE TREE OF LIBERTY!
  • Magpie and copyist
    If you were going to recount the evolution of hippie guy fashion, you might say that what began with psychedelic ruffled shirts and corduroy pants in 1968 has in late middle age split into two streams: collarless white button-down shirts, usually buttoned right up to the neck and worn with a black vest, and Hawaiian shirts.
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