Bodies: Eduardo Roman

By TAMARA WIEDER  |  January 16, 2007

How much do you work out?
I try to maintain a schedule of three to four times a week. I work out different parts of my body each day. Because of years of consistency,  I am able to just work out for about an hour each time.
Do you watch what you eat, or does this body just come naturally?
I watch what I eat during the weekdays, but on the weekends I allow myself to eat whatever I want! After a long week in the salon, I believe I deserve it — food is one of life’s pleasures you can’t deny yourself sometimes.
What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure food?
Doughnuts and bagels.
You’ve got a great body now, but did you ever go through that awkward stage?
Sure, everybody does. I was a stocky kid. It runs in my Cuban blood.
If you could have anyone else’s body, whose would it be?
More then admiring someone else’s body, I admire their attitudes … those who are positive and committed to
living healthy lifestyles. I try to surround myself with individuals who have those same qualities and that I can learn from.
Favorite exercise?
I love to do all exercises that work out my chest muscles, and believe it or not, I love squats! I also moved here from Los Angeles last year, so I really enjoy going out for long walks around the city.
Least favorite exercise?
I obviously love to work out, so I don’t really have a least favorite exercise. Other then my favorite passion — doing hair — lifting is one of my hobbies.
What’s the best body compliment you’ve ever received?
When Anne, the manager of I Soci Salon, told me she had submitted my name to Stuff@night, I was extremely
flattered. But also I find that whenever anyone asks me how I maintain my physique — what I eat, what exercises — I find this the best compliment.
What do you consider your best body part?
I have a good heart.





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