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By ELISABETH DONNELLY  |  June 20, 2006
3.0 3.0 Stars
CHARMING: Willingness to experiment sets Psapp apart

Psapp are best known in the US for the Grey’s Anatomy themesong, “Cosy in the Rocket.” They build on that with their assured and charming second album, which boasts weirder beats and more danceable rhythms than similar efforts by UK ingénues Imogen Heap and Dido. The opener, “Hi,” is anchored by a percussive xylophone, with Galia Durant’s warm voice serving as another rhythmic component as she croons, “Get out the abacus and count this.” Carim Classman roots the music with glitchy noises, creating an ambiance reminiscent of Stereolab around Durant’s coos. It’s this willingness to experiment with sounds and percussion that distinguishes Psapp from their electro-organic brethren.

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