The Worst of Pax

Notable lowlights culled from the Pax archives


The following excerpts are taken directly from the pages of Pax Centurion – whose .pdf archives had been publicly hosted on the BPPA website, before suddenly disappearing on Tuesday, without explanation, hours after Chris Faraone's story on Pax went to press. (We are republishing the files here so that the public can scrutinize Pax Centurion’s twisted legacy.)


JIM CARNELL –MAY/JUNE 2012 | Did you catch this disgraceful tidbit in the Globe. . . "Together with the Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement (MAMLEO), [Rev. Bruce] Wall and black clergy from across the state are organizing a June 16 anti-violence summit and listening session, where police officers of color, youth workers, and city officials will hear from teenagers who are frequently affected by crime. 'A lot of the young people want to work with officers who look like them,' Wall said. 'But when they go into the rooms, into the forums, they're working with officers who don't.' " Yeah, right. I guess only "officers of color" can relate to these troubled teens. (Personally, I consider myself "of color", as tawny pink and lobster red are both colors, too, you know.)


JAMES CARNELL – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011| Having been assigned to the "Occupy Boston" site several times, let me assure you that the place is filled with fakes, frauds, phonies, and nitwits from affluent communities such as Dover, Hamilton, and Wellesley. These people have, for the most part, never worked a day in their privileged lives. For them, "Occupy Boston" is a chance to "play protester," to assuage their liberal guilt, to act upon the theories and ideologies in which their radical professors indoctrinated them while at Harvard, Smith, and Gordon colleges. They remember Mommy and Daddy, now an accountant and a lawyer for major corporations, sitting around the fireplace in Dover with wine and brie re-living their glory days from the '60s, fighting the man in Harvard Square, protesting against this, that or the other thing . . . and now it's their chance.


KEVIN DOOGAN – JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006 | It still amazes me that people are shocked when individuals are mistaken as gang bangers and shot in the street. Families rant and rave how these were good kids, how could this have happened? Well if you allow your loved ones to dress like a gang member, strut like a gang member, hang out in gang areas, and go strolling through gang strongholds hooded up then what do you expect?


JAY MOCCIA — NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 | In case anyone isn't paying attention, Jim Crow is alive and well and he's after your Second Amendment rights! . . . Some of you may believe that only the military or law enforcement should have guns, or not everyone is entitled, and if that is your opinion, then thanks for nothing Mr. Crow! Common sense regulation and registration are acceptable in moderation. Just use the same criteria you use for voting: age, and citizenship — you don't have to get a CORI check, show an ID or pass a Dept. of Mental Health Screening in order to enter a booth and make a choice that could have consequences for thousands of your fellow citizens, why should you in order to exercise one of your other guaranteed Constitutional Rights.

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