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Joe's NY 'Za

Joe's New York Pizza opened a couple weeks ago where Granny's Burritos used to be (420 Fore St). I stopped in this afternoon to try their slices; which cost $3.25 and up. The cheese slice was fine. Thin crust, a bit greasy, and light on the sauce. Not undercooked or doughy, like some gross pizza can be. The BBQ chicken slice was heavy on the (probably not homemade) BBQ sauce, and loaded with chicken. That said, it was missing the roasted red peppers that make Leonardo's roasted bbq chicken so marvelous. Overall, I'd rate Joe's as a serviceable place to score a traditional lunchtime slice. At some point soon, they'll also have beer, pizzeria-type appetizers, and buffalo wings. Their pies range from $11-ish to $24-ish, depending on your choice of toppings and size. 

Jeff (who tried the cheese and Super Meaty [pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, and hamburg] slices) says:

"Everyone has a favorite pizza from their youth - against which any other pizza, no matter how yummy, can never possibly measure up. The pizza of my youth was made and served by a small Italian man with greasy hair and a growing bald spot in a pizzeria on the Jersey Shore. The crust was thin and crunchy, and the toppings were chewy without being sticky - and just a little greasy. The sauce - the unsung hero of pizza-making - was thin yet robust, smoothed on lightly so as neither to overwhelm the toppings nor sog the crust.

I am a devotee both of Flatbread and Portland Pie, and won't stop patronizing them. But when my family hits town for Christmas, I'll be taking them to Joe's New York Pizza for a slice of memories."

Hey, we take our pizza serious around here. 

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