Wanted: thugs and goons (with machetes)


In today's Herald, Howie Carr calls for Scott Brown to be seated immediately in the US Senate--and accuses the Boston Globe of smearing Brown and the people who elected him:

It’s so heartwarming, to pick up the moonbats’ favorite broadsheet and see yourself - and 1.1 million other Brown voters - described as “thugs” and “goons.” Goons with machetes, by the way. Hot damn, gonna have to take the shotgun rack off’n the back of the pickup and get me a machete rack.

If the Globe really did call Brown voters "thugs and machete-wielding goons," or words to that effect, that is insulting--but I can't find the references in question. I've emailed Carr and have yet to hear back. I've also tried searching thugs" got me nowhere, and neither did machete." Goons" was a bit more fruitful--Alex Beam mocked WEEI's Brown-endorsing "afternoon sports goons"--but that's a focused jibe, and Carr seems to be talking about something much broader. 

Now, Carr has referenced these smears before, on air, so I expect I'm just not looking in the right place. Which is where you, the reader, come in. Can anyone point me to the insult(s) Carr has in mind?

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