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Oneeyedmutt: "The death of this child was totally preventable. The mother’s negligent behavior caused his death. She knew what type of person her boyfriend was and what type of people he associated with. If she had 1 ounce of respect for herself she would not have been dating Mr. Martin and putting her son in harms way. This all links back to the welfare entitlement mentality which is propagating many generations of irresponsible mothers that do not instill any type of moral values to their kids. Both should have been home in bed and not partying at her boyfriend’s house at 1am on a Tuesday morning."

dnbyriverinvan: If their not going to have the death penalty in planet liberal,they should at least have a place for HARD time and I'm not talking about taking their color TV's away either.I don't think the perps would want to be alone with me in a room right now.They'll get em tho.

glostaman: Call in the National Guard. Weapons set on full auto. Clean the streets of scum. The Boston police know who the scum is. Give the list to the Guard. Clean the streets of Boston.

Finally I think that if we grant amnesty to illegals,legalize ALL drug sales and tax them, tax the hell out of the wealthy, give everyone free health care,blame the murders on the Wall street honchos, give everyone a government subsidized mortgage, put a solar panel on every roof and a windmill in every yard,repeal Don't ask, Don't tell and allow open associations in the barracks and allow gays and lesbians to marry legally across the country and we invade Iran, get some All Stars for the Red Sox and a defensive end for the Patriots then we can prevent another episode like this for a month or so.

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