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The Week in Geek April 4-11: Laugh while you can, monkey boy

And now, for some nerd-inspired slam poetry:

This is for the nerds who want to get involved with humanoid robots but never had a chance to go to a workshop!

This is for the people who have had to rewind their videos because whoever rented it before them didn't!

This is for the zombies that got autopsied without donating their bodies to science!

This is for the people who have to battle electric space aliens because who the fuck else is going to do that?

And most of all, this is for the people who know someone that has never seen Star Wars!


[dance] Cut Copy & Holy Ghost! @ House of Blues
Take a break from all the hard work I'm sure you did this weekend and dance your pants off with electro-pop moguls Cut Copy and Holy Ghost!

[trivia] Quiz Night @ The Haven
Have a kilt in the closet? Will "Freedom!" be the last thing you say before you die? Tonight, The Haven in JP kicks off Tartan Week with Scottish Quiz night hosted by Girls Pint Out. Check the website out for other Scots-themed events happening this week!


[social] Boston Sci-Fi/Fantasy April Meet Up @ The Tavern in Central Square
Keywords for this meetup: Stargate, Doctor Who, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, D&D Encounters, and Meeting New People. Need we say more? The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at The Tavern in the Square at Central (not at Porter!) around 6:30pm! Free.

[charity] Night of 1,000 Stories @ The Court House
Got $150 or more to donate to charity? Come down to the Courthouse and get bidding with Dennis Lehane and Jeff Kinney to raise money for 826 Boston's free youth writing programs for Boston Public School students! among the night's offerings: a unique literary auction at which you can bid on a character with your name to turn up in Dennis Lehane's next novel. 6-8pm.



[zombies] Dr. Steven Schlozman @ Harvard Coop Bookstore
If you haven't seen him yet, Schlozman is the zombie-neuroscience guy, talking about his book that explores the inner-workings of the human brain via autopsies on zombies. Free. 7pm.

[film] Be Kind Rewind @ Brattle Theatre
Celebrating the upcoming 48 Hour Film Project in Boston, Brattle's screening this Michel Gondry, Jack Black and Mos Def gem of VHS-rental nostalgia. $7.75-$9.75. 7:30pm.


[play] Breaking the Code @ Central Square Theater
Come see the play based on Alan Turing's deciphering of the Nazi code during WWII! Opens tonight at 730pm! Performances this week feature a variety of panelists and discussions for pre- and post show discussions! $15-$40.

[music] Chiptune 13 @ Middle East Upstairs
Boston8Bit presents music inspired by and created with video games. Listen for Amiga sound effects played on Nintendo DS and expect lots of dancing! (And inexplicable space helmets.) $10. Doors at 8pm.

[vicarious embarrassment] Mortified Boston @ Oberon
Ah, yes. Already it's time for another installment of Mortified, where your embarrassing personal detritus becomes comedy gold. Diaries will be read, old demo tapes will be played, and guts will be busted at Oberon. $15. 8pm.


[punks] Cheetah Chrome, Mike Hudson & Bob Pfeifer @ Brookline Booksmith
Legendary punks from The Dead Boys, The Pagans and Human Switchboard come to Brookline to talk about each of their books about punk-ass lifestyles. 7pm!

[tomfoolery] MIT Hacks & Pranks @ MIT Museum
We all know how much MIT students love to prank each other and hack things, and tonight the MIT Museum is presenting a brief history of shenanigans! 6pm!

[film] The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
If the characters in Revenge of the Nerds directed a Robocop movie, except with fewer robots and more dimensions, you might get Buckaroo Banzai, yet another classic showing at Coolidge's @fter Midnite series. Peter Weller! John Lithgow! Jeff Goldblum! Christopher Lloyd! This movie has it all -- and it provided many a quip for ‘80s-culture-steeped nerds (not to mention the title of this week's WiG post).


[bots] National Robotics Week @ Museum of Science
Second annual exhibition on how robots affect society! A week of many automaton-y delights. The MoS is promising: Mars personal exploration rovers! Life-saving packbots! Robot Block Party! We are so damn excited.

[gamejam] Cardboard Jam @ MIT
Boston Game Jam is teaming up with GAMBIT, the Singapore-MIT game development lab (recently spotted doing really cool things at PAX East), to host a lower-tech creative space. What you'll need: Cardboard; paper; pencils; a deep and abiding love of gaming. Free. April 9-10: 9am Saturday to 6pm Sunday.

[throwback] SPACE OPERA @ The Peabody School
The North Cambridge Family Opera Company presents Space Opera, a tale of farmboys, droids, an empire, and a rebellion. Two performances on Saturday (2pm, 7pm) and Sunday (1pm, 5:30pm), including one with pizza. Free ($10 sugg. donation).


[obsolescence] FAX's Last Day @ Carpenter Center, Harvard
Making art out of the most frustrating machine ever invented? Come see the final day of this exhibit, which asks artists to re-conceptualize the FAX machine as a thinking and creative tool.

[stony] Dark Side of OZ @ Brattle Theatre
Don't tell me you've never tried this, you stinkin' liar. $8-$10. 8pm.

[showtime] Bent Wit Cabaret @ Oberon
Bent Wit Cabaret are back with a new show about Obsession, featuring song, dance, spoken word, and some short films from BUFF! $10-$20. 8pm.

[anti-art] Dr. Sketchy's Burlesque Life Drawing @ Great Scott
Come drink beer at 3 in the afternoon, and draw burlesque models! All skill levels welcome!  2:30pm.


[careers] Aldebaran Robotics Open House @ Aldebaran Boston
Aldebaran invites you to come play around with their newest toy: NAO, a humanoid robot. Starting at 10am, this open house features a NAO workshop, followed by lunch and then panels and discussions about how humanoid robots can be used in the future!

For more events, check out our geekified listings portal. If you've got any geek-related events you'd like us to post, contact us! Follow us on Twitter @LaserOrgy! Follow our RSS feed! Tell your friends!

1 Science Pk, Boston

Bostons Museum of Science includes a Butterfly Garden, a planetarium, and an Omni Theatre. The...

1400 Mass Ave, Harvard Square
40 Brattle St, Cambridge
450 Mass Ave, Central Square
265 Mass Ave, Inman Square

The Main Gallery and the Hart Nautical Gallery of the MIT Museum house all the...

279 Harvard St, Coolidge Corner
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