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Clinton Wins Big on Mini-Super Tuesday Which Means Big Problems for Democats

    As we anticipated in earlier posts and columns, the Democratic race is now headed to a train wreck, on the heels of Hillary Clinton's strong showings last night. The race now heads to Pennsylvania in late April but, as Fred Barnes noted jokingly last night on Fox, Pennsylvania is more like Ohio than Ohio, so it's uphill for Obama there. There's now a chance Florida and even Michigan will be rerun in late June or July.
    But the bottom line is that while Obama will likely have a small delegate lead when the electoral process ends, the superdelegates will decide the nominee. And, given that Obama is likely to receive increased scrutiny in the weeks ahead, Clinton is very much alive.
    More in tomorrow's Phoenix.

  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    How interesting that the corruption trial of Tony Rezko, Barack Obama's real estate agent and fund raiser, just happened to begin the day before the Ohio-Texas-Vermont-Rhode Island primaries.  The "federales" contend that one Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi billionaire, wired $3.5 Million to Rezko about a month before Obama got his house at a reduced price.  Is there a connection?  Barack needs seasoning and toughening-up in presidential campaign politics.  He's getting it.

    While a Michigan and/or Florida replay may well be all to the good, those who've since dropped out of the race have every reason to complain.  Mike Gravel, bye-the-bye, is alive and well and reportedly will continue campaigning throughout the summer.

    Gotta make the rueful observation that March 4 was Massachusetts' original 2008 primary date until it was hurriedly changed to Super Tuesday literally at the last minute.  We have many more delegates than Vermont or Rhode Island though less than Texas or Ohio.  We'd have been visited and celebrated, wined-and-dined, grubbed-and-jugged, by all the aspiring and perspiring presidential wanna-bes.  Instead, we were fly-over country between Vermont and Rhode Island. "WE COULDA BEEN A CONTENDAH!"

    March 5, 2008 2:00 PM

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