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Review: Another Year

Mike Leigh's new film bristles with anxiety and loneliness.
It joins a list of English films that do not make me want to visit England. Maybe because it's too much like here.
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  February 24, 2011


Review: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Woody or won't he? Allen's films get darker and stranger
Can films be mellow and bitter at the same time?
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  September 28, 2010


Review: Brüno

Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno restores bad taste to its rightful place
Candide camera
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  July 08, 2009


Review: Watchmen

As a reimagining of the past, Watchmen is at times jaw-dropping.
When Watchmen concentrates on violence, it comes alive. When it meanders into metaphysics, which it does frequently and at length, it loses its way.
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  March 06, 2009


All's well that is Welles

Some of the best of the last at the HFA
Some of the best of the last Orson Welles flicks at the HFA
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  November 24, 2008


They always beat Gypsies

Joseph Losey at the HFA
From the beginning of his career in movies, Joseph Losey was persecuted — chased out of town.
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  July 08, 2008


Faithless Rendition

A soapy plot tortures the truth
It’s ironic, and probably auspicious for its box office, that Rendition comes out a week after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Khaled el-Masri.
By: A.S. HAMRAH  |  October 16, 2007
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