Dems Invade NH

The Democrats running for President have a debate at Dartmouth tomorrow night, so while they're in the area they'll be swooping around and about. Obama will be in Peterborough tomorrow morning; Dodd will be in West Lebanon tomorrow afternoon; and Edwards will hit Conway, Berlin, Littleton and Claremont, and do a MTV/MySpace forum at UNH, on Thursday/Friday. Richardson, Obama, and Clinton all have ads up in the state. It's candidate mania in New Hampshire!

Meanwhile, a new CNN/UNH poll of likely Primary voters in the state says fuggedaboutit. Clinton leads with 43% over Obama at 20%, Edwards at 12%, Richardson 6% -- although only 17% say they have definitely decided, 28% say they are "leaning," and a full 55% say they're still trying to decide.

Their problem, apparently, is that they have too much love for the candidates: 93% say they are very or fairly satisfied with the field. Check out these eye-popping favorable/unfavorables: Obama 78/11; Clinton 77/15, Edwards 76/10; Richardson 53/14; Biden 45/20; Dodd 40/23. All these numbers are similar to those in other recent polls in the state.

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