Globe: "George Romney Never Marched With King"

As of yesterday afternoon, Mitt Romney and his staff were still insisting that they believed George W. Romney marched with Martin Luther King Jr., conceding only that Mitt never literally saw it happen. By digging in like this, it appears they are only prolonging the story (originally broken by the Phoenix, here), because the evidence has piled up beyond the media tipping point.

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper stated flatly, of the two men marching together, that "it never happened."  (He then played footage of Romney parsing the word "saw" yesterday afternoon, followed by the infamous clip of Bill Clinton parsing the word "is.")

The Detroit Free Press had reported by then that both Arthur Johnson, former NAACP-Detroit president, and Richard Milliman, George Romney's former press secretary, had any recollection of the two men marching together.

This morning, the Boston Globe's Michael Levenson quotes Susan Englander of Stanford University -- who is editing King's papers -- saying "I researched this question, and indeed it is untrue that George Romney marched with Martin Luther King."

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