Worst Politicization Of International Tragedy

A certain political-science professor of my close acquaintence rues the imminent early end of Fred Thompson's Presidential campaign, because of the amazing, perhaps unprecedented, day-to-day disaster it has been. Yesterday, Thompson lowered his game to a new level yet again. Other candidates, in the aftermath of the Bhutto assassination, maneuvered to press the argument for their own foreign-policy credentials, without appearing to overly politicize it. Thompson, on the other hand, chose to openly politicize it for the express purpose of insulting an entire gender.

Yes, while most people were thinking of terrorism, instability in an extraordinarily tense region, our support of a thuggish Pakistani leader, and the security of that country's nuclear weapons, Fred was thinking about the fact that the assassination victim was running for prime minister even though she's a woman.

The problem in Pakistan apparently had much to do with the fact that a woman was seeking top office. And, you, know, a woman is seeking the Presidency here in America, too -- but in Thompson's eyes, there are no women qualified for the Presidency in the US yet.

And here I thought that Thompson couldn't do worse than refusing to put on a fire chief's helmet, calling it a "silly hat." Way to show respect for our first responders! And now women! Keep 'em coming, Freddie!

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