Romney Wins WaPo Pinocchio Award

Against stiff competition -- personally, I think I would have gone with Giuliani's prostate-cancer data -- our own former governor Mitt Romney has been named the winner of the Washington Post Fact Checker blog's 2007 Pinocchio Award. His winning falsehood was the one exposed right here by yours truly: "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King."

The Nashua Telegraph has endorsed John McCain, making it a clean sweep for McCain of every major newspaper within hurling distance of New Hampshire. Question: What is the closest newspaper to Romney's home in Belmont to endorse him?

Mad Man Mitt also got a remarkable smackdown the other day from Time Magazine's Joe Klein:

I've never seen a candidate who showed such arrant disrespect for the public--and for himself. Indeed, Romney has performed a political self-lobotomy. Not just on his brain, which seemed an impressive instrument a year ago, but also on whatever nagging moral sense he might have had. He did this in order to conform--in the primaries, at least--to every last polling preference, no matter how skeevy, of his party's base. ... I've also never seen a candidate so loathed, privately, by his competitors.

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