VP John Kerry?

Back in May I first wrote in the Phoenix about rumors that John Kerry could be named to a cabinet position -- likely Secretary of State -- if Obama gets elected. What I didn't write then, but have mentioned on TV appearances, is the distinct possibility that Kerry is on the VP short list (an idea first put in my head in May by Washington insider extraordinaire Thomas Quinn).

Well, guess whose name popped out of Howard Wolfson's mouth on TV last night? He has heard some rumors, which now has become the Veepstakes rumor du jour. (How Wolfson would know, or why he would say, is beyond me, but whatever.)

The interesting piece of confirmational evidence, for those seeking some, is the recent announcement of daily themes for the Democratic National Convention. Wednesday, the day the VP will be nominated and give his speech, has been designated for foreign policy issues and the contributions of veterans. How perfectly does JK fit that theme, huh?

Here's my prediction: JK gets to make a speech Wednesday, but not as the VP choice. But you never know.

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