Chang-Diaz Wins

Congratulations to Sonia Chang-Diaz, who defied my prediction and triumphed by some 200 votes over veteran lawmaker Dianne Wilkerson.

Wilkerson acknowledged defeat, although she did not specifically concede. (And, as of 11:00 or so, had not spoken with Chang-Diaz.) She indicated that she was not interested in asking for a recount, or in bringing any legal challenge (as some were suggesting might be appropriate in regard to the late change in precinct voting locations). However, she did not specifically rule those options out, either.

My sense is that she will not attempt to challenge the results -- but that she did not want to shut the door on those options completely until her key supporters had an opportunity to make the case to her, with more information available.

Wilkerson was alternately gracious and not-so-gracious in defeat. She called out Barbara Lee, the progressive philanthropist who helped back Chang-Diaz, as having bought the district, in so many words. That was quickly reported, and at 12:40 am Lee responded with a press release saying that her "influence in this campaign has been exaggerated."

I'll have quite a bit more to say about this election at a later time, I'm sure.

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