Q&A #7: Coakley And The Press

"Tom G" asks:

When will the press start asking Martha Coakley about her position on the civil rights, government authority and rule of law questions raised by the Bush Presidency.  Just because Scott Brown wants to make the race about taxes shouldn't dumb down the press.

I don't know that they'll ask about those particular issues; frankly, the Presidential abuse-of-power issues are probably not on most voters' minds right now.

Two observations, though. First, I think in a broad sense, I would agree that Coakley has not been asked enough about how she has used her power as AG on issues of civil rights, public corruption, privacy, and similar issues in Massachusetts. Second, even more broadly, I think Coakley was able to remain pretty unspecific on a number of issues in the primary, and will almost certainly have an even easier time doing so in the general-election campaign.

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