Q&A #8: Statewide Candidates

"Reuben" asks"

Predict the field, and rank from most progressive to most conservative (from your own perspective) for the statewide races for 2010: Attorney General; Treasurer; Auditor

"Anon" asks:

Can you give us a rundown of who you think will be running for the statewide open seats?  In particular, I am interested if you think Andrea Cabral will run for AG or whether she will hold out for a different seat.

OK, first off, I want to correct something. In my article in this week's Phoenix, I screwed up the name of current and long-time State Auditor Joe DeNucci. I intend to get a correction in the paper, but since Mr. Golden Gloves Auditor can beat the crap out of me, I do not want to let the slight stand that long. So, my sincere apologies for the screw-up.

Getting back to the Qs, I'm going to defer a little on them. As I mentioned in a previous A today, it's just way too early to know who's really going to end up running for what. But here are a few thoughts.

I do not think Sheriff Cabral runs for AG; I think she runs for re-election as sheriff.

As I mentioned in an earlier A, I think much depends on the AG appointment, and whether Bill Galvin really runs. Also, on whether Middlesex DA Gerry Leone runs. I think DA Keating may end up being the most "progressive" candidate.

A lot of progressives are with Steve Grossman for Treasurer, but I don't know that I would necessarily put him way out left on the dial -- although he may end up as the most progressive, because that office often attracts more centrist candidates. I think of Norfolk County Treasurer Joseph Connolly as more centrist than Grossman, but I can't say that's based on a whole lot. There are a bunch more looking at that race, but I don't know who will pull the trigger.

Auditor looks like the likeliest to turn into a real free-for-all. Suzanne Bump, Guy Glodis, and Marc Pacheco sound like near-certainties to run, and plenty of others are looking at it. This could be one of those primaries where the winner just has to get 25% of the vote. I'm curious to see who gets behind who in this one.

Then there's the Republicans, which is a whole 'nother story.

I'd love to hear from you all about who you think will run, and where they stand on the progressive/conservative scale.

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