Today's "You Lie" Winner?

Odds are pretty good that today's health care summit will produce a Joe Wilson-esque "You Lie!" moment -- some crazy-ass comment or rude outburst that zooms around the blogosphere, leads off Olbermann, and raises a million dollars in 24 hours for the Republican who says it. But who will be the headline-grabber this time? I say Joe Barton; below I rank the GOP attendees in order of likelihood. What's your prediction, and guess what they'll say!

1) Joe Barton

2) Tom Coburn

3) Charles Boustany

4) Marsha Blackburn

5) Jon Kyl

6) John McCain 

7) Chuck Grassley

8) Dave Camp

9) Peter Roskam

10) Mitch McConnell

11) John Kline

12) Mike Enzi

13) John Boehner

14) John Barrasso

15) Eric Cantor

16) Lamar Alexander

17) Paul Ryan

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