Can We Get A John Hawkins Protest Going?

John Hawkins runs, is a regular columnist at, and in a variety of ways gets treated like a legitimate part of the conservative world, despite the fact that he's an offensive, ill-informed idiot. Which is usually fine with me; I've knocked him on this blog a couple of times over the years, but nothing more than that.

Well, today I want to go further. Because today, Hawkins posted his latest "Liberalism in 120 Seconds" video, which he titles "Liberals loved the Gabrielle Giffords shooting."

Yes, that's right -- Hawkins speaks of "excited, happy, thrilled liberals" overjoyed at the appalling events of this past Saturday. "How many of you liberals out there are upset -- terribly upset -- that Gabrielle Giffords hasn't died" so as better to exploit the situation, he asks.

Clearly, Hawkins is a disgusting person, and those who associate with him -- including for starters -- should immediately cut all ties with him.

But I want something more direct. I want Hawkins to give us a name. Who, precisely, are these liberals who loved the Giffords shooting? I want him to be man enough to make this accusation directly -- accuse one liberal, by name, of being happy about it. Or else, he should take his pathetic, obnoxious, self and crawl away from all public life.

If you'd like to join me, please go on Twitter, if you have an account, and Tweet to @rightwingnews that you demand he name a liberal he accuses of being happy about the Gifford shooting, or slink back under the rock he oozed from. (Or, whatever you can fit into 140 characters.) You can also email that demand at; I will try to get other avenues of contact as well.

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