Ask Me Anything Day Wrap-Up

Thanks to everybody who sent questions! I had a blast, and I hope maybe wrote one or two interesting things along the way.

Just to quickly get to the last few -- "Dougie" asks:

The herald reported some weeks ago that Deval would appoint a new registrar of probate. They mentioned Maureen Feeney was in the mix. Who do you think he will appoint and are there any other names in the mix?

I honestly haven't heard anything about potential replacements for Iannella, but I will poke around and post if and when I get some intel."Bill Thomson" asks:

In the spirit of spring training, can you list some of the top prospects in Massachusetts Politics who we might see run (and win) in the next few years? And what makes them strong candidates?

This is a great, great question that deserves more thought and attention than I had time for this afternoon. For now, let me just say that A) there are some women coming out of programs like EmergeMass (and Ready To Run, which is holding a Massachusetts training this weekend), and the Governor's Youth Council, and others, who are gonna rock this state; and B) there are more solid Republicans out there if the party can get its sorry ass together. I promise to write more on that "top prospects" question at a later date. And finally, "Albert Hawkings" asks:

Will physicists ever discover a theory of everything, or are general relativity and quantum mechanics irreconcilable?  

Irreconcilable. That is, irreconcilable in this universe. In one of the other universes split off at fourth-dimensionally right angles to ours, it all fits neatly together. The downside: there's no Ask Me Anything Day there.

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