Questions Dog Trump; Why Won't He Answer?

At this point, there is enough speculation about whether Donald Trump has been replaced by a PCP-addicted gardener on the run from the Federales (a Google search for "Donald Trump" +"PCP" returns over 100,000 hits!!!) to beg the question of why, if it's untrue, he doesn't simply put an end to it by submitting to a simple retinal-scan identification procedure.

Trump has offered to produce his own birth certificate, if and when he announces a campaign for President. But that still would not prove whether he really is or is not the original Donald Trump.

More importantly, perhaps, this promise would allow Trump at least three months to produce his birth certificate -- Trump says that he will not declare his Presidential intentions until June, at the conclusion of his current television series. Republican voters may well ask themselves why he needs three months before releasing the document -- and how good a forgery could be prepared in three months for a man who claims to have $600 million in ready money?

These are questions that will inevitably be asked if Trump continues this delay. And the more questions that are asked, the more some may begin to wonder why they have never seen any photographs of Trump as a youngster in 1950s Queens, if in fact they have not. (Trump claims to have been born there in 1946.)

For Republicans, settling the matter of Trump's real birth location might not be merely a matter of Presidential qualifications -- there is also the highly contentious issue of government largess to illegal immigrants. Trump has, over the length of his career, received innumerable government benefits, including tax abatements, government contracts, and bankruptcy protection. It would not be unreasonable for conservatives to ask whether it was appropriate for an illegal immigrant -- if Trump is one, which has not been publicly alleged -- to receive the hard-earned tax money of real Americans.

Clearly, one need not be a full-fledged "PCPer" to have legitimate questions about Trump's birth certificate. Expect pressure to ramp up for the release of the document immediately, not in three months -- when it may be too late, if indeed Trump has something to hide from the American public.

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