New Borderlands DLC + Halo film rumors quashed

Phoenix video-game reviewer Mitch Krpata writes on his blog about the new Borderlands DLC, "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot." Personally, I'm more excited about the other DLC, "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," and plan to buy both in short order. Borderlands has been my favorite Christmas present, hands down. I have even started having dreams about completing quests, and while that may be unhealthy, I can't get myself to care. Borderlands has taken over my life, and I recommend you schedule it into yours if you haven't already.

Enough about my unhealthy addictions; I have good news to share. That oft-rumored Halo film seems to have bitten the dust: scroll past the obnoxious news about a Pirates 4 film to find the relevant parts of the article. Peter Jackson abandoned the project last October, but Steven Spielberg was "in talks" to snatch it back up. However, Microsoft has postponed the film "indefinitely" so as to finish up other Halo projects.

Here's hoping "indefinitely" will turn into "never." Who wants to see a movie about a character designed to be as vague and uninteresting as possible, so that gamers can self-insert? Let's be honest: Halo isn't famous because of its story. It's famous because it's accessible, repetitive, and - dare I say it, lest the fans lynch me - boring.

Maybe if Spielberg based the script on the corresponding series of novels, that'd save it; they may not be good, but at least they have, y'know, plots. Knowing Hollywood, no one's aware that there even are novels.

So, procrastinate away, Microsoft. If 2009's other video-game films are any indication, then we already know we don't want to see this.

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