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People2People - Marketing Programs

We specialize in integrated marketing programs utilizing print, online, voice and mobile personals.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing at The Phoenix Media Communications Group has succeeded in becoming a viable advertising oulet for our clients. At People2People we have grown our mobile marketing products to fit our advertiser’s needs. We deliver special offers and coupons to our members with track-able media. We also offer services that utilize SMS messaging (text messaging).

Phone Marketing

Advertisers use People2People for different types of marketing programs. One of the most successful is our voicemail service. With over 165,000 calls into our voice personals per month, we are able to place your radio ad on our voice systems. We also offer creative services to assist in the audio portion of your ad. This will allow your message to be heard by everyone calling into our system. We also offer targeted demographic phone targeting.

Email Marketing

With over 1.5 million users, is able to meet your objectives of delivering y your message to a specific audience that you want to target..
We offer:
Sponsored emails
Ad placement in member connection emails (sent daily)

Print Marketing People2People Group with their over 15 years of experience have been able to utilize print to help advertisers get their message to another core audience.

Within our newspaper Personal Pages we allow advertisers to get their message across to a variety of other news sources that best compliment their needs. We are able to assume the responsibility to get the advertisers’ message out to different print channels , which allows for better tracking and a one-stop shop for your advertising needs.

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