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Phoenix - Uploading Artwork

Use the steps below to upload your art work and get started with our advertising program.

Who do I contact to book my ad?
Before you send your file you need to call your account executive to reserve space for your ad, or call 617-859-3289. If you are planning to send it via email or FTP, you also need to fax proof to your account executive.

What are my file transfer options?
- FTP site *
- Email
- CD
* preferred method of electronic transfer.

What file formats are acceptable?
We are a Macintosh based company that utilizes a complete electronic pagination system based on PDF technology. We accept the following formats:

Adobe Acrobat Distiller PDF Files
Preferred! No additional files necessary! Color files need to be distileld as 4-color separations.

QuarkXPress Files
Adobe Illustrator Files
Adobe Photoshop Files
Freehand Files

Native IBM files are discouraged.

What are the film requirements?
* 85 lpi (Phoenix)
* 100 lpi (Stuff Group)
* 133 lpi (sports books)
*  film negatives
*  right reading
*  emulsion down

Our Press
* ink density 265
* 5% gain

How to use our FTP Site
An FTP (File transfer protocol) site is nothing more than a website that has the ability to transfer file information. In order to assure a safe arrival of your file, we need to follow 2 main rules:

1) Only single files (eps, pdf, tiff, sit, sea) can be uploaded to the site. Folders that contain multiple items must be compressed and saved as single self-extracting files.
2) Because our host for this site is IBM, files need to have simple names. No spaces, no numbers. Recommended name: company.filetype.
3) Open your web browser and go to the following URL:
4) If you are using Fetch yuo do not need a password or username.

5) Go to file menu and select upload file.
6) Select the file and click OK.

How do I E-mail my files
Files can be attached to an E-mail and sent to the following address:
* much like our FTP site, it is best to save all files in a compressed file. This protects the files from damage during transfer.
* please make sure to include all support files.
* please title E-mail with your company name.


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