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PICTUREPLANE from Colorado 

CITY: Denver
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Post Physical"

WHY THEM: Some artists create music to tell stories or set moods; for Travis Egady, a/k/a Pictureplane, however, his artistic goal seems to be to tear a wormhole in reality. Pictureplane's music takes the standard beats and synth washes of electro and fashions it into a warped surreal pop that is both confounding and yet oddly familiar. Like a young Terance McKenna transposed into the body of an early-'90s rave kid, Pictureplane expounds on the cosmos and the collective unconscious just as easily as early house and out-of-body experiences, meaning that his forthcoming longplayer Thee Physical promises to be the most lysergic musical experience of 2011.

ALSO CONSIDERED: Conjugal Visits — We found formidable contenders in the howling ghost song screech of Colorado's Spring's the Conjugal Visits, whose rave-up-style garage is, by turns, yearning and vicious.


It makes wading through all the other lo-fi indie electronic garbage worth it.

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