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North Carolina

North Carolina:

LeAnn Grimes

erica cline leann grimes

CITY: Asheville
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Egyptian Internet"
WEB SITE: leanngrimes.bandcamp.com

WHY THEM: LeAnn Grimes is an experiment in music blogging. As a tribute to bands that computer musician Shane Conerty has found through the recent tidal wave of indie music blogs, he has created a mix tape of remixes and retouches to his favorite indie songs. Conerty's Bandcamp page states, "This album was inspired by music blogs. And it was made to show my appreciation for them." And in a way, it's become a new form of music journalism for him. In the same way that music journalists (some of them, at least) spend hours finding the perfect words to compliment a band, Conerty finds the perfect beats. Together, the album reflects a tone of euphoric discovery, of a time in which we found our Platform 9¾ into the world of cool music.

ALSO CONSIDERED: She Looks Like a Horse; Terrance and the Tall Boys — Both of these bands are amazing, but neither of them is a band anymore. It made us sad. 


North Carolina

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