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Solid Attitude

solid attitude

CITY: Iowa City
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Constant Garbage/Totally Droll"
WEBSITE: solidattitude.bandcamp.com

WHY THEM: While perusing Bandcamp for an unknown act to represent the modest but honorable state of Iowa, we hardly expected our skulls to explode by reason of a figurative curb-stomp of utterly unhinged low-fi garage punk. Iowa, we assumed, would be too laid back for such a thing. More important, we found ourselves hitting the play button again before bothering to reassemble our squished gray-matter meats. So, yeah. Solid Attitude are furiously fuzzy, sinister, surfed-out insanity, and it's kind of fucking awesome. Though their only easily accessed YouTube performance footage mostly features the backs of an audience's collective heads, the drummer looks like he's bashing his kit in fast-forward and doesn't always appear to be sitting down. These guys could get famous or break up next week. But whatever destiny awaits Solid Attitude certainly won't be boring.

ALSO CONSIDERED: Eugene Kelley — Other favorite Iowa-based finds included cheerful indie dissident Christopher the Conquered and Eugene Kelley. (Note: that's Eugene Kelley the reverb-heavy doom-folk artist, not the founding Vaselines guitarist, Eugene Kelly.)



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