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Tit Patrol

 Tit Patrol from Delaware

CITY: Wilmington
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Slimming Figure"

WHY THEM: Anyone currently in their mid-to-late-20s who played in a crappy NOFX knockoff band in high school wished they were in Tit Patrol. So it's hard to deny a soft spot for shameless two-minute-or-less frat-punk pummelings with titles like "Kicked Out for Farting," "Big Butt Shit Face," and "Glue, Pizza, and You." Although 2010's Hate Speech provides mindless amusement (despite an astounding lack of judgment from whoever came up with the title), Tit Patrol have already become superior animals. On March's split with Direct Hit, their sophomoric sense of humor gets traded for the wisdom to rescue songs from "Linoleum" sound-alike territory via shades of Murder City Devils' raunchy bluster and Bomb the Music Industry!'s instrumental grab-bag mentality. Somebody's playing a slide whistle over the intro to "Ghost Flu." A slide whistle! For fuck's sake!

ALSO CONSIDERED: Boatrocker — The verbose combo of bleakness and hope shouted over this post-hardcore band reminds us what it was like before we got all jaded and ironic and, like, believed in stuff.


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