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Eternal Summers

 Eternal Summers from Virginia
CITY: Roanoke 
WEB SITE: myspace.com/eternalsummers

WHY THEM: Hazy dream-pop bands aren't hard to come by these days, but few new groups pull it off as sparsely-yet-perfectly as guitarist Nicole Yun and drummer Daniel Cundiff. Their defining minimal post-punk edge makes for a signature "dream-punk" sound, creating an unmatched tension of their songs' textured simplicity. Despite living in a relatively small-city environment — with a music scene they've said mostly caters to bar bands and cover bands — it's that reclusiveness that has allowed them to flourish organically, fusing of eclectic, unexpected influences. "Pogo" is already a staple on our summer soundtrack, with its dreamy vocals, garage-y punk beat, and generally jangly summer vibes. Eternal Summers are a relatively young band, but already have releases out with Kanine, Forest Family, Meal Deal, and Chimney Sweep Records — including a split seven-inch with our Pennsylvania pick, Reading Rainbow.

ALSO CONSIDERED: The Young Sinclairs — One of Cundiff's many other projects is this '60s-inspired band which has toured with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Along with Eternal Summers, they are connected to a tight-knit underground arts collective called the Magic Twig Community: nine or so friends who share gear, space, and positive DIY vibes.


Hailing from Heaven. Jangly Punk Pop is what this band is all about.

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