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Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

missouri band Jerusalem and the Starbaskets

CITY: Columbia
SONG TO DOWNLOAD: "Tambourine in the Book"
WEBSITE: myspace.com/jerusalemandthestarbasket

WHY THEM: Jerusalem and the Starbaskets take a sunshiny Americana template — all raspy pacing to the vocals and jangly tremolo to the guitar — and give it a post-rock treatment in both tone and dynamic. The first two minutes of "Tambourine in the Book" recalls early Eels recordings, until the distortion hits and a tone dredged from the deathbed of an ancient amp closes out the song. Their record Battles of the Orchids is the type of confessional Americana perfect for rainy days on rooftops, or just last call. The Lucero influence becomes clear in the remaining portion of the album, while the jangle-to-fuzz ratio recalls at times Dead Meadow, at times Slint. The remainder of the record takes a more subdued tone, as if they hit their peak in those early moments, but it maintains an edge with snarling guitar textures working the low-end.

ALSO CONSIDERED: Ra Cailum — Ra Cailum's hypnotic no-wave beats elicit Burial-style dubstep the same way they do Washed Out–style chillwave.



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